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The 10 best Personas in Persona 3 Reload, ranked

Reload Persona 3 allowing players to choose from over 150 different Personas throughout the 100-hour experience. With so many different options, choosing the best Personas for your team can be overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

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Top 10 characters in Reload Persona 3

Image of Akihiko summoning his Persona in Persona 3 Reload.Fighting power exploded. Image via Atlus.

Top Personas in Reload Persona 3 very similar to what was in the original character 3, although some of their statistics have been changed. There are also some new additions, including Personas Persona 4 gold And Royal Persona 5.

These Personas break the balance of the game even in Merciless Mode and thus we will stick to the base game and not include those. Just know that every DLC Personas trivializes a lot of the challenges of Reload Persona 3, so use them at your discretion. Since we’re sticking to the base game, here are the top 10 Personas you can get.

10) Alice

The Queen of Death makes her return Reload Persona 3. After many iterations in many different forms personality Game, Alice has returned with a vengeance and an arsenal of Dark powers. Her expertise with powers like Mudoon to instantly kill enemies and Maeigaon to deal heavy Shadow damage to all enemies on the battlefield make her a powerful foe.

Alice’s ability with the Shadow power allows her to block incoming Shadow skills, meaning she takes no damage from them. Her signature skill, Die For Me, gives Alice a high chance to instantly kill all enemies, (except bosses), making it one of the most powerful skills in the game. With Mudo Boost, all of Alice’s Shadow skills deal even more damage.

9) Darkness

The legendary Scottish warrior appeared everywhere personality game since character 2and now Scathach make her take revenge Reload Persona 3. One of the best magical Personas, Scathach brings the power of Ice and Wind to your arsenal. With high-level skills like Mabufudyne and Magarudyne, she will be the perfect late-game addition to your party.

Scathach’s proficiency with Ice skills is further improved with the Freeze Boost passive, giving her a significant increase in all Ice damage. The power of her Wind skill is also no joke, reflecting all Wind damage along with Light damage. Scathach also negates Ice and piercing damage against her, giving her great defensive options.

Scathach’s only real weakness is Fire, so make sure you change her before engaging enemies with high Fire skills in the late game. Attack is your best defense here, with Energize to support that playstyle.

8) Susano-o

Susano-o wields his legendary sword, Ame no Murakumo, to perfection with powerful Slashing attacks such as Brave Blade and Vorpal Blade. If you are looking for a Persona that deals pure physical damage to fit your squad, Susano-o is the choice for you.

His proficiency with the sword also allows him to repel all Piercing attacks while also blocking disabling Ice attacks. However, Susano-o is quite weak to the Electric and Light skills, the latter of which can be defended once he gains Light Repel. On the offensive front, Susano-o’s Charge skill combined with his Slash Amp passive will greatly enhance the power of his Slash attacks.

7) Exit

Quite possibly one of the strongest late-game Fire Personas in the entire series, go out Bring the devastation of Ragnarok into every battle. The Ruler of Muspelheim brings a wealth of Fire skills that can turn your enemies to ash. Surt is also one of the few Fire Personas capable of using Inferno, a powerful skill that can deal severe Fire damage to enemies.

Surt also has outstanding growth metrics, with broadly balanced metrics. His defense is also nothing to scoff at, with no weaknesses other than Ice attacks. Any Fire skills used against Surt will be drained, healing him to the full effect of the skill. If you want a powerful offensive Persona, you can’t go wrong with Surt’s firepower.

Surt is a great Persona to keep in your list until you reach the end of Tartarus, and we recommend using him with any squad you have.

6) Chi Vy

The best of Tower Arcana, by Chi You mastery of war brings with it powerful Slashing and Piercing skills. Primal Force and Vorpal Blade will destroy any enemy with low physical resistance, especially when combined with Charge. His mastery of the weapons of war also gives Chi You the power to block all Slashing and Piercing attacks directed at him.

Chi You is also an excellent tank for the later stages of the game with its high HP. With no weaknesses other than Electricity, he can take on almost any Persona that dares challenge him. Pair him with other Personas that have skills like Revolution in their kit to make the most of his raw physical power.

5) Metatron

Metatron sits at the top of the Aeon Arcana. He is the most powerful Angel and serves as the voice of God. His balanced stats make him a great Persona to use in any squad as he can learn many different skills and use them to perfection. Metatron’s arsenal focuses more on Light and Omnipotent damage, destroying most enemies with Divine Judgment and Megidolaon.

Metatron’s Light Amp further powers his Holy damage by enhancing Makougaon and Divine Judgment. On the defensive side, Salvation will save your team from powerful attacks, making him a great healer rivaled only by one other Persona. Metatron also repels all elemental damage except Electricity and Darkness, which he falls prey to.

4) Beelzebub

King of Devil Arcana, beelzebub assume your role in advance personality game as an unparalleled force of darkness. His Shadow damage is considered the highest in the title, with Maeigaon able to knock down enemies in short bursts with Concentration. Mamudoon is a great instant kill move against enemies with low Darkness resistance.

Finally, Beelzebub’s strongest skill, Evil Command, halves the HP of any enemy, regardless of resistance or defense. This is a great skill against targets that have high HP and take longer to defeat. In addition to the Fire and Light elements, Beelzebub can withstand attacks from any other damage type with little effort.

3) Messiah

Messiah located at the top of the Judgment Arcana and is one of the most powerful entities playable in character 3. His strength lies in his defense. This comes from his natural resistance to all types of attacks, specifically being able to repel both Dark and Light attacks, of which there are many towards the end. game.

Messi also has access to Salvation to fully heal your party while he regains HP and SP himself every turn. Messi is also not lazy on the offensive front; Megidolaon is his almighty skill of choice. This power is further enhanced by the Magic Amp, allowing him to take down any enemy that stands in his way regardless of their resistance.

2) Hell

Hell, Daystar, is the head of the Star Arcana and the beautiful incarnation of Lucifer. If Messi is the strongest defensive Persona then Helel will be his offensive opponent. Having access to the most damaging skills, Helel can destroy her enemies in countless creative ways depending on the situation.

Helel can learn the strongest Slash, Bash, and Piercing skills in the game and use them to great effect. His stats are balanced enough to do the same with various magical skills amplified by Spell Master’s reduced skill cost.

Finally, Helel’s Morningstar is a powerful finisher that will stop any enemy foolish enough to encounter him with deadly Omnipotent damage.

1) Orpheus Telos

Image of the main character summoning Orpheus in Persona 3 Reload.Orpheus turns into an unstoppable force. Image via Atlus.

The hardest Persona to get is Orpheus Telos, a variant of your original Persona that will evolve into a late-game monster. Orpheus Telos is considered by many to be the strongest (non-DLC) Persona you can get due to how difficult it is to get along with the powerful skills he can learn. Maxing out every Social Link will allow you to merge Orpheus Telos.

With all your hard work, you will be rewarded with a Persona that can block all types of damage, whether physical or magical, and restore HP and SP every turn. A true hollow, Orpheus Telos can also learn any skill, making him a true jack-of-all-trades and fully capable of mastering the skills he learns.

Monad will be a piece of cake having him by your side.