Esports News - February 8, 2024

Tekken 8 Update Patch Notes – How have fighters changed with the initial patch?

The biggest fighting game coming out in 2023 has just received one of its first major updates. Tekken 8 update patch notes are out! Quite a lot has changed. However, at this early stage it’s more about bug fixing than a complete rework of gameplay. What’s new in Tekken 8 Patch 1.01.04?

Tekken 8 new patch brings some major fixes. If you’re using one (or at least) of the most popular Tekken 8 characters, there may be some important changes to take note of. This is what has changed in this patch note.

Tekken 8 Patch Notes

Tekken 8 Patch 1.01.04

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The latest Tekken 8 update patch notes are update 1.01.04! It’s not a large-scale content update, so the number notation is just getting longer! What’s actually different in this new patch? Now that Tekken server maintenance is over, there are a few key areas that have been reworked.

Balance Changes

  • Special Style – Fix Startup Delay
  • Balcony Break – Changed collision detection issues
  • Devil Jin – Added bug fixes, timing adjustments, recovery frame adjustments.
  • Dragunov – Increased recovery frames and changed movements.
  • Jack-8 – bug fixes
  • June – Recovery time adjusted
  • Leo – Recovery time changed
  • Leroy – Knockback distance changed.
  • Lili – crash fix
  • Raven – Recovery frames have been adjusted.
  • Rayna – Transition fixed and knockback changed.
  • Nina – Timing adjusted
  • Steve – Distance per move has been changed.
  • Yoshimitsu – Bug fix

These are the changes in Tekken 8 patch notes for individual characters. There weren’t that many this time. Most actions have had minor frame adjustments. However, if you’re using these Tekken characters as your main, you might want to know if their movements feel a little strange.

These are the major changes we’ve seen in the Tekken 8 update patch notes so far. The game hasn’t received much new content yet. Even after the new patch for Tekken 8, we are still in the early stages of its release. It’s likely we’ll see bigger balance changes and new content a little later after the game’s release. It will be interesting to see if any of these bug fixes also impact the game’s nascent fighting game esports.