Esports News - January 30, 2024

Tekken 8 Sales Double Street Fighter 6 for UK Release

One of the biggest fighting game releases of the year is already here and it’s now January. We’re only a few days away, but Tekken 8 sales numbers are already coming in. This is just one specific metric, but there is one area where Tekken 8 sold more than its biggest competitor. In UK sales, Tekken 8 has already surpassed Street Fighter 6’s launch figures.

Tekken and Street Fighter are some of the biggest fighting games. There is a good reason to compare the two. Tekken 8 appears to be particularly strong on these release metrics. In at least one country, opening weekend sales are already higher. Tekken 8 sales were more than double SF 6’s figures. Does this mean that we can expect similar trends once we know more about the player numbers for both games?

Tekken 8 Sales FiguresTekken 8 Sales Figures

Source: Bandai Namco

Tekken 8 Sales Doubles Street Fighter 6’s UK Release

Fighting games are quite popular in the UK. Still, the Tekken series seems to be the most popular in Korea. UK physical sales on launch weekend were almost double those of initial Street Fighter 6. Along with MK 1, SF 6 is probably the closest game to Tekken 8. This game is the latest in a long-running series that will set you on your path to great life as a competitive fighter.

But are these numbers just random features of this exact measurement, or are they more of an indicator of what’s to come? We’re only looking at UK sales figures so we can make appropriate comparisons. These numbers only affect actual sales. While this makes figures like these impressive, less than 89% of games sold in the UK are actual games. This essentially means we’re looking at a little over 10% of the game’s sales figures. It’s not the whole picture. It’s possible that the difference between physical and digital sales is different for Street Fighter rather than Tekken.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that more different fighters may appear in different locations. Tekken 7 likewise topped the UK sales charts when it was first released. This may suggest that the series as a whole is more popular here. The domestic launch of SF 6 was also noticeably sluggish.

These latest Tekken 8 sales figures are certainly good news for anyone looking for a wider variety of fighting game esports in the UK. However, with actual sales figures becoming less and less meaningful to the game’s overall player base, we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out if this is a trend or just an oddity.