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Tekken 8 King Move List: All combos and moves

Tekken 8 features a diverse roster of characters, with each character having an extensive moveset and lots of combo potential. And who has the largest number of moves in the game? You guessed it—it’s the mighty King of Grappling.

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If you want to play King (or against him), you should educate yourself about all the fancy tricks this beast can perform. Tekken 8and we’re here to help.

Tekken 8 King movelist

10 fighters in Tekken 8 you'll want to try ASAPLet the fun begin. Image via Bandai Namco

Thanks to his long throw ability, King has the largest total moves in the game with a total of 197 moves that are very difficult to block. Here it is King’s full move list for Tekken 8.

Note that the list contains a lot of technical language called “combined notation” in Tekken 8 community. I highly recommend you read our guide to Tekken 8 combination notation to understand everything in the move list below.

All Heat moves for the Inner King Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Heat Burst[When Heat activation available] 2+32Elbow Impactf2, 13Tacklesvaif2+34Mech Armor > Emerald Elbow/b1+2, 25King’s Rapid Strike[During Jaguar Sprint] 1+3 [or 2+4]6. Free Face Vandal[Approaching crouching opponent] d1+47Ultimo Jaguar[During Heat] 2+3

All Rage moves for King in Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Anger Of The Beast[During Rage] d/f1+2

All of the King’s normal moves are in Tekken 8

NumberMove Name Move Symbol1Palm Strike1, 22Palm Strike > Head Jammer1, 2, 2+43Palm Strike > V Driver1, 2, d2+44Palm Strike Uppercut1, 2, 15Palm Strike Uppercut > Suplex1, 2, 1, 2+46Palm Strike Uppercut > V Driver1, 2, 1, d2+47Right Jab > Uppercut2, 18Heat Spinner1+2, 19Brutal Sting1+2, 310Jaguar Step3+411Elbow Impactf2, 112Jaguar Smash Combof2, d1, 213Front Kickf314Front Kick > DDTf3, [during front hit on ground] 1+215Rolling Sobatf416Shadow Lariatf1+217Jaguar Sprintf3+418Body Checkf1+419Shoulder Tacklef2+320Elbow Stingd/f1, 221Double Hook Disasterd/f2, 122Lasso Kickd/f3, [on hit or block] 423Mincerd/f4, 3, 424Mincer Lowd/f4, 3, d425Frankensteinerd/f3+426Jab > Uppercutd1, 227Stompd328Atlas’ Hammerd1+229Stagger Kicksd3+4, 4, 430Stagger Kicks Flurryd3+4, 4, 4, 4 [Counter Hit]31Quick Hook > Heel Kickb1, 432Stagger Kick Spinning Uppercut[During Stagger Kicks] 233Corporate Elbowd2+334Brain Chopd/b235Low Kickd/b336Low Kickd/b437Mech Armor > Emerald Elbow/b1+2, 238Mech Armor > Jaguar Sprintd/b1+2, 3+439Quick Hook > Uppercutb1, 240Chupacabra > Reverse Elbowb2, 141Chupacabra > Olympia Slamb2, 442Chupacabra > Buttheadb2, 1+243Toll Kickb344Guillotine Dropb3, [during front hit on ground] 1+245Disgraceful Kickb446Jaguar Step Reverseb3+447Capital Punishment1+248Knuckleu Burn1+2 [hold]49Water Parting Chopu/f150High Elbow Dropu/f251Falling Heel Kicku/f352Jumping Knee Lift/f453Sole Crusheru/f3+454Delayed Rising Toe Kicku/f, N, 455Stomach Smashf, f, N, 256Jaguar Hammerf, f, N, 2 [Counter Hit]57Lay Offf, f158Jaguar Hookf, f159Beast Elbowf, f260Konvict Kickf, f461Konvict Kick > DDTf, f4 [Counter Hit]62Exploderf, f3+463Diving body pressuref, f2+364Strong kneesWR365Running ExploderWR3+46610 Hit Combo1 1, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4, 4, 4, 1, 36710 Hit Combo2 1, 2, 1, 1, 3 , 3, 4, 3, 2, 1+2

All special moves for King in Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Ki Charge1+2+3+4

All moves in Beast Step for King in Tekken 8

Number Move name Move symbol1Beast Stepf, N, d, d/f2 Knee liftf, N, d, d/f43Dark Bombf, N, d, d/f1+2

All crouching moves for King in Tekken 8

Number Move Name Move Symbol1Round Trip ChopWS2, 22Toe SmashWS43Snap UppercutWS1+24Leg Breakerd/f15Body Blowd/f26Round Trip ChopWS2, 27Toe SmashWS48Snap UppercutWS1+29Leg Breakerd/f110Body Blowd/f2

All sideways moves for King inside Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Winning tree[During sidestep] 12 Deadly Bomberangs[During sidestep] 3+4

All moves when knocked down are for the King in Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Spinning spring kick[By opponent’s feet] while down and up b3+4

All moves in the opposite direction for King in Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Blind kick[Back facing opponent] 32Blind kick > Neck breaker[Back facing opponent 3, [during close range hit on ground] Atomic blaster 1+23[Back facing opponent] 1+24Moonsault Body Shaper[Back facing opponent] 1+4

All the Jaguar moves for King in Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Jaguar Step3+42Jaguar Step > Hook [During Jaguar Step] 13Jaguar Step > Hammer[During Jaguar Step] 24Jaguar Step > Best friends [During Jaguar Step] 35Jaguar Step > Sobat & Press [During Jaguar Step] 3, 2+36Jaguar Step > High kick [During Jaguar Step] 47Jaguar Step > Mid kick [During Jaguar Step] d/f4

All of Jaguar Sprint’s moves for King in Tekken 8

Number Move name Move symbol1Jaguar Sprintf3+42Running Elbow Smash[During Jaguar Sprint] 13Jaguar ax[During Jaguar Sprint] 24Sprint K.[During Jaguar Sprint] 3
5Fast low kick [During Jaguar Sprint] 46The king attacked quickly [During Jaguar Sprint] 1+3 [or 2+4]
7Diving body shaper [During Jaguar Sprint] 2+3

All thrown to King Tekken 8

King spectacularly defeated Paul in Tekken 8.RKO! Image via Bandai Namco Number Move name Move symbol1 Roll nut[Approaching opponent] Coil nut 1+32[Approaching opponent] f1+33Suplex[Approaching opponent] 2+44Suplex[Approaching opponent] f2+45Argentine back armor[Approaching opponent from left side] 1+3 [or 2+4]6-knee crusher[Approaching opponent from right side] 1+3 [or 2+4]7Half Boston Crab[Approaching opponent from behind] 1+3 [or f1+3]8. Twisted cobra[Approaching opponent from behind] 2+4 [or f2+4]9Stretch Buster[Approaching opponent from behind] b, f2+410Knee step[Approaching opponent] d/f2+311Four-Leg Lock Figure[Approaching opponent] d/b2+312Throw it away[Approaching opponent] b1+213Throw away > Spin back[Approaching opponent] b1+2, 1+214Release Execution[Approaching opponent] u/f1+215Tombstone pile driver[Approaching opponent] d/b, N, f2+416Tomahawk[Approaching opponent] WR2+417 pile driver[Approaching opponent] qcf118Buster faces two arms[During Pile Driver] 1+2, 1+219Boston crab[During Pile Driver] 1+2, 3, 4, 1+220Muscle gain[Approaching opponent] qcb1+221Giant ferris wheel[Approaching opponent] f, hcf122Tijuana Twister[Approaching opponent] f, hcf223Clothesline PressFC d/b, d, d/b1+224Ultimate PunchFC 1+225Ultimate Punch[During takedown] 2, 1, 2, 126 Armour[During takedown] 1+227Twist the arm[During Armbar] Keep your legs crossed 1+228[During takedown] Combo 3+429 Stretch[During Leg Cross Hold] 2+4 [Perfect]30 Lat iron[Approaching crouching opponent] d1+331V driver[Approaching crouching opponent] d2+432Freedom Face Buster[Approaching crouching opponent] d1+433Swing[Opponent down and facing up] with the opponent’s foot d/b1+3 [or d/b2+4]34-head bomber[Opponent down and facing up] with the opponent’s foot FC d/b1+335Four Leg Lock[Opponent down and facing up] with the opponent’s foot FC d/b2+436Shoulder Cracker[Opponent down and facing up] by the opponent’s head d/b1+3 [or d/b2+4]37Turn over[Opponent down and facing up] by the opponent d/b1+3 [or d/b2+4]38Half Boston Crab[Opponent down and facing down] with the opponent’s foot d/b1+3 [or d/b2+4]39 Wing tearing machine[Opponent down and facing down] by the opponent’s head d/b1+3 [or d/b2+4]Camel clutch 40[Opponent down and facing down] from the left d/b1+3 [or d/b2+4]41Keep your bow and arrow taut[Opponent down and facing down] from the right d/b1+3 [or d/b2+4]42Keep your legs crossed in the air[Approaching airborne opponent] 1+3 [or f1+3]43Cracking the spine[Approaching airborne opponent] 2+4 [or f2+4]44Double heel hold[Approaching airborne opponent] d1+3 [or d2+4]45 Flapjack[Approaching airborne opponent during Double Heel Hold] 1+2, 1+246Giant Ferris wheel[Approaching airborne opponent during Double Heel Hold] 2, 1, 3, 447Jaguar bomb run[Approaching airborne opponent] WR2+448Aerial jaguar bomb[Approaching airborne opponent] f, hcf149Shining torpedoes[During opponent wall stun] f, hcf1

All King’s attack reversals in Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Arm Whip [Time with opponent right punch] b1+32Keep your heels rotated[TIme with opponent left kick] b2+43Foot Screw[Time with opponent right kick] b2+44Low [TIme with opponent low attack] DF

All Reverse Arm Slam combos for King in Tekken 8

Number Move name Move symbol1 Smash the arm backwards [Approaching opponent] d/f1+32Background [During Reverse Arm Slam] first [or 2]3Supplex Germany[During Backdrop] first [or 2]4Low Parry [TIme with opponent low attack] d/f5Energy bomb[During German Suplex] first [or 2]6Giant ferris wheel [During Power Bomb] 17Buster Muscle[During Power Bomb] 2

All special Stretch Bomb combos reversed for the Inner King Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Reverse special tension bomb[Approaching opponent] d/f2+4
2Reverse special tension bomb [During sidestep] 2+4
3Cannonball destroyer[During Reverse Special Stretch Bomb] first [or 2]
4Drop Manhattan [During Cannonball Buster] first [or 2]5Bomb wins[During Manhattan Drop] first [or 2]
6Giant ferris wheel[During Victory Bomb] first
7Buster Muscle [During VIctory Bomb] 2

All Heel Hold combos for the King in Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Stand holding your heels [Approaching opponent] f, N, d, d/f2+3

2S.TF[During Standing Heel Hold] 1, 2, 1+2

3Scorpion death lock [During Standing Heel Hold] 2, 1, 1+3

4Indian Death Lock[During Standing Heel Hold] 1+2, 1, 35Pray to the King[During Indian Death Lock] 3, 4, 1+2, 3+4

All Arm Breaker combos for King in Tekken 8

NumberMove nameMove symbol1Arm Breaker[Approaching opponent] f, N, d, d/f1+4
2Three-arm cutting machine[During Arm Breaker] 1, 1+2

3-head jammer[During Arm Breaker] 2, 4, 2+4

4Combining struggle [During Head Jammer] 3, 4, 3+4, 1+25 Chicken Wing Facelock [During Arm Breaker] 2, 1, 1+3

6End dragon sleep [During Chicken Wing Face Lock] 2, 1, 3, 1+2

7. Rolling Cradle of Death [During Chicken Wing Face Lock] 1, 3, 4, 2, 1+2

All Mexican Magma Drive combos for King in Tekken 8

Number Move name Move symbol1Cobra Clutch[Approaching opponent during Jaguar Step] 1+4 [or 2+3]

2Twisted cobra[During Cobra Clutch] 1, 4, 2, 3

3DDT reversed [During Cobra Twist] 1, 1+3 [or 2, 2+4]

4 Special reverse tension bombs [During Reverse DDT] 1+2, 1, 1+3 [or 1+2, 2, 2+4]
5Samurai Stone[During Reverse DDT] 2, 3, 1, 1+2

6Background [During Reverse Special Stretch Bomb] 3+4, 1+2

7The sun rises[During Backdrop] 1+2, 4, 2, 1+2

8 Burning hammer[During Backdrop] 1+2, 3, 1+3 [or 1+2, 4, 2+4]9Screwdriver [During Burning Hammer] 2, 4, 3, 1, 1+3 [or 2, 4, 3, 1, 2+4]