Esports News - StarCraft Esports - February 1, 2024

Team Vitality StarCraft 2 Team Releases All-Star Roster

This week we saw one of the biggest announcements for StarCraft 2 in a long time. It’s not a new sequel or tournament, it’s the formation of a new team. Team Vitality has announced its StarCraft 2 roster. But it’s more than just a squad. The organization brings together StarCraft 2’s supergroup of the most powerful players in the game, all under one banner.

The new Team Vitality StarCraft 2 team was announced today. Team Vitality, which has been active in various games for many years, has taken a big step toward the title. They have already partnered with Tezos, hummel, and Evnia as sponsors. Korean Team ONSYDE will be renamed to Team Vitality. This makes them one of the most highly regarded teams in StarCraft 2 esports. What makes this new team so impressive, and when can we expect to see them competing under their new name, Team Vitality?

team vitality logoteam vitality logo

Source: Team Vitality

Team Vitality StarCraft 2 squad features an all-star lineup

The new Team Vitality StarCraft 2 roster is comprised of some of the best players in the game. Who exactly makes up the team? The first player is Solar. He’s already a legendary name in StarCraft, but he’s been on fire recently, winning the Summer and Winter World Team League titles. That includes the fact that he has three DreamHack champions under his belt. Solar is one of the best-performing players recently.

The next player on this new team is Maru. After winning his first televised game in just 13 years, he was one of the game’s most decorated players. He has won eight StarCraft II Global League Code S events. It has been done along with numerous other tournaments over the years. The next player is Ryu Woong. He is another Korean player who has been in the game for a long time, competing since 2010. This athlete has achieved great results over the years. Since returning to the game in recent years, he has become an important member of the Team ONSYDE team.

Team Vitality StarCraft 2 TeamTeam Vitality StarCraft 2 Team

Source: Team Vitality

The last player is coach ‘CranK’ Jaewon Choi. He is another older player who has amassed quite a few achievements over his long career in the game. Like others, he has been part of winning teams in recent tournaments such as the World Team League.

This squad in StarCraft is without a doubt one of the best squads out there right now. The best StarCraft 2 players gathered together. We’ll soon see them competing under the Vitality banner at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice. There are only a few days left to see the new teams compete before it starts on February 8th.