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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League review: Deadly in some parts, self-destructive in the long run

Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League is a third-person action shooter set in the DC universe that has more bite than it can chew. While it has its pros, they come with more cons, which is a shame because these characters and voice actors deserve better.

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Rocksteady Studios’ latest product is very different from previous products in the superhero genre. While Arkham series focuses on leveled and satisfying melee combat combined with a deep and rich story, Suicide squad attempted to introduce mechanics that directly served the universe — but ultimately failed.

The gameplay and gameplay never change

IN Suicide squad, you play as four DC villains—Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, and King Shark—dubbed Task Force X after being busted out of Arkham Asylum by Amanda Waller. The goal is simple and given by the game’s title: destroy the Justice League, a group that turns out to have been brainwashed by Brainiac, who intends to transform Earth into a new planet, Colu. And so, armed with guns, grenades and silly humor, we are dropped into Metropolis to save the Earth.

Hologram of Batman standing in his bat cave.At least the boss battles save the day, with each member of the Justice League posing different challenges. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The Suicide Squad encounters many characters from DC Comics, giving them countless side missions, but these missions feel more like chores and often repeat the same cycle of shooting dozens of aliens with similar guns , escorting citizens and loads. Sure, it’s flashy and explosive, but not annoying, boring and monotonous. These same mechanics are the backbone of the main story missions, which, alongside the actual boss battles, pose an interesting challenge.

Even the guns and other tools you encounter in the campaign are unremarkable. Because there are so many of them, few feel memorable, and the story gives you enough of an arsenal to progress both ways. You’re also required to mine so many different resources to upgrade each of your devices that you can quickly lose interest.

This monotony also applies to the Squad members. Given how different the characters are, there’s something amiss about the fact that their fight ultimately comes down to using the same guns over and over again. Sure, each type has unique melee moves or horizontal attacks, but they’re just fun add-ons rather than the main element of combat.

A world with wasted potential

There are interesting things to be found in Metropolis, especially the mysteries of the Riddler. However, even those do not provide a satisfying experience. While the puzzles are fun and challenging, they appear nowhere on the minimap or menu, and trying to solve them forces you to run towards more enemies, creating more chaos and making you lose focus from the task at hand.

Captain Boomerang looks out over Metropolis.Metropolis is huge but it constantly distracts you with its many missions and enemies. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Suicide Squad members constantly talk, blocking Justice League communications, enemies spawn never-endingly, and the Riddler repeats mysteries you’ve already solved if you encounter their area again, making it a point to go. through Metropolis into one big mess. I found myself solving more puzzles by randomly scanning iconic landmarks in the city rather than following the hints given.

Voice actors come to the rescue

For many comic fans, Suicide squad It also fails to develop the characters, which is a valid criticism. The Justice League are introduced from the beginning as bad guys and are shown to be the most powerful beings on Earth. However, they get beaten up by four crazy guys with guns and then become literally angry (Captain Boomerang is a dirty guy). Without going into too many spoilers, Kevin Conroy’s Batman also comes across as more of a plot device than a fleshed-out character, and his ending feels a bit disrespectful. There are also some characters, like Superman, that Rocksteady didn’t even bother to introduce properly. The Man of Steel casually appears in the second half of the story, almost immediately becomes your next boss fight, and to my memory, doesn’t even say anything before the fight.

Superman flies into the air.Another bad Superman story. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The characters just felt rushed, as did the overall story. But while Suicide squad Fast-paced, not too shabby, especially for comic book fans who will find plenty of Easter eggs and cameos to keep them hooked. However, the most important things brought to the game are the cutscenes and voice acting.

You must give credit where credit is due. The voice acting in this game is excellent, with each actor delivering on all fronts. There are too many notable performances to mention, but Tara Strong’s Harley Quinn is epic, while Joe Seanoa’s King Shark is a comedic revelation. Even the members of the Justice League and supporting characters are truly excellent. Combined with outstanding cutscenes, the characters succeed in keeping you hooked on the plot, even when everything around you is too chaotic to follow.

King Shark is talking.I swear, every time King Shark opens his mouth I burst out laughing. Screenshot of Dot Esports

What is that Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League finally go down. I accepted the story had its flaws and just focused on the good points without paying much attention to the monotonous gameplay and overstuffed world. It’s a fun ride if you don’t take it too seriously, especially since the game itself doesn’t do that. But I won’t be returning to it until there’s new content and certainly won’t be buying it at full price.

Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League Advantages

  • Memorable boss battles
  • The voice acting and cutscenes are breathtaking
  • Dozens of Easter eggs for comic book fans


  • The story seems rushed
  • Lazy character development
  • Boring battle
  • Performance issues and unstable servers
  • The world is ambitious but messy

A copy of this game was published by Warner Bros. offered for review. Reviewed on PC.