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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League: How to defeat Green Lantern and all the rewards

Green Lantern is the second member of the Justice League that you need to take down Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice LeagueBut defeating him is not easy.

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The fight against the Green Lanterns in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League significantly harder than Justice League’s first boss, The Flash, and you’ll quickly be overwhelmed if you’re not prepared. Luckily, our strategy will make boss fights a breeze. This guide has everything you need to defeat Green Lantern.

How to defeat Green Lantern in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League

A giant Green Lantern during the boss battle in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.Hulk. Screenshot of Dot Esports

I advise you should Use Deadshot against Green Lanternas you will benefit from the “Psyched Up” boost to gain more experience.

Like the fight against The Flash, the point is keep moving and avoid Green Lantern’s attacks, then deal as much damage as possible whenever he becomes vulnerable.

To make Green Lantern vulnerable, you need to destroy his work. These are easy to spot as they are giant green objects scattered around the environment, all of which can cause significant damage if you don’t get them out.

When eliminating Mines, make sure to keep a safe distance from them before they explode. For all other structures, Move to avoid their attacks and destroy them as quickly as possible. Once destroyed in enough numbers, Green Lanterns will be vulnerable.

For Green Lantern’s missile attacks, just move out of the area and don’t try to destroy them. There are too many and you won’t have enough time before they attack you, which can get you killed instantly. You will know which area they are about to attack thanks to the red marker on the ground.

Concentrate fire on Green Lantern whenever he is vulnerable but still makes sure to remove any structures he creates. I recommend using weapons that can fire rapidly for maximum damage, which also makes it easier to defeat structures — especially attack helicopters.

In the final stages of the war, Green Lantern will become a colossal giant. The key here is to destroy the structures on either side of him and avoid the mines. While destroying the mines will eventually leave him vulnerable, the best strategy is to focus on the gun and keep your sights aimed that way, otherwise, they will quickly target and hit defeat you.

If you follow the above strategy, you should be able to defeat Green Lantern relatively quickly and be able to eliminate other targets from your attack list.

All rewards for defeating Green Lantern in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League

Like the reward for defeating The Flash in Suicide Squad: Destroy the Justice League, You don’t get them right away. Instead, a cutscene will follow and you’ll be instructed to help Amanda Waller—you’ll then immediately have another mission to complete.

After receiving a call from Amanda Waller, Switch to King Shark to benefit from the “Psyched Up” bonus. After saving the leader of Task Force X and watching some more cutscenes, You will be rewarded with a legendary weapon.

I used King Shark for this part of the quest and my reward was the Legendary Assault Rifle. If you use characters that don’t use Assault Rifles, you can get a different bonus.