Blog - February 2, 2024

Street Fighter 6 players can get exclusive outfits, but only if they’re good at choosing items

Capcom is pushing the competitive side of the game Street Fighter 6 strong this month, revamping the Battle Hub to promote the upcoming $2 million Capcom Cup match. This includes a special pick challenge that rewards players with an exclusive skin if they get their shot right.

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February is an important month for SF6with one Mouth collaboration, Capcom Cup more people invested in the Capcom Cup, which offered the chance to get a “1 Color Exclusive Outfit” through the new Street Voter mini-game.

Street Fighter 6's Battle Hub was designed for Capcom Cup X.Capcom Cup hype! Image via Capcom

If you go into the Battle Hub and talk to Eternity, you can vote for the player you think will win Capcom Cup X. She will ask you to vote for the player you think will win the event, and confirm that you cannot earn more votes for this Street Voter event. You also cannot change your vote once you have cast it.

Everyone correctly predicted the Capcom Cup X champion would be rewarded with that exclusive Outfit 1 colorway. The alternate costumes will be specifically for the character the champion uses to actually win the grand final, so if someone like Big Bird wins using Rashid instead of Marisa, the color Color appears to be added for Turbulent Wind instead of Glory Seeker.

Eternity hosts the Street Fighter 6 Capcom Cup X voting.Eternity is holding a vote at the entrance of the Battle Hub. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Since I play as Luke a lot and he’s a powerful character used a lot by top players, I voted for Japanese phenomenon Kawano. No matter who you vote for, you will receive the special Player Title “1,000,000% Success Rate” just for participating, which you can claim from the News tab in your multi-menu me.

Once you’re done with that voting, you can start digging into the Fighter Pass themed around Ed’s upcoming appearance or grab some Capcom Pro Tour items from the Merchandise Store.