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Steelrise trophy list: All trophies and achievements

Why don’t you crash? steel making and a long list of honors and achievements while we wait Elder Ring: Erdtree’s Shadow DLC. To do that, you’ll need to know what it’s all about steel making titles and achievements To be.

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steel making was released in 2022 and is considered by many to be a great entry-level Soulslike. Set in 1789, you play as a mechanical Aegis with the aim of serving France and defeating the king’s army in the midst of the French Revolution. You’ll unlock achievements naturally as you explore and hunt down troops, neutralizing them one by one. But if you want specifics, here’s every trophy you can get steel making.

All trophies and achievements in steel makinglisted

Aegis looks out over a fiery city with a crescent moon in the Steelrise gameplay trailerThere are some stupid things here. Screenshot via Spiders Steam

Have 56 trophies IN steel making. These are the same all over steel making platforms, including PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S and Windows. Six of the titles are available only in steel making‘S The Secret of Cagliostro DLC.

Most of the achievements follow the story’s path, as you defeat Soulslike bosses and navigate an increasingly hostile version of Paris 1789. Others tally your elemental kills, where hundreds of mechanical enemies must be destroyed according to specific requirements (such as using ice, fire, or electricity for each battle). Don’t worry if you lose sight of the bodies piling up behind you, because steel making follow up for you.

Outside of combat, there are loots that focus on the citizen’s story so you can explore to your heart’s content and help the innocent. Finally, try to avoid oil Burette whenever you can to achieve more specific trophies.

This is all steel making cup:

  • Sailor (Bronze) – Arrive in Paris by boat.
  • All aboard! (Bronze) – Obtain a carriage without a horse.
  • Bishop: City (Bronze) – Defeat the Bishop of the Cité.
  • Bishop: Louvre (Bronze) – Defeat Selenite of the Louvre.
  • Car: Luxembourg (Bronze) – Defeat the Alchemist of Luxembourg.
  • Rook: Wounded soldier (Bronze) – Defeat the Treasurer of Les Invalides.
  • Knight: Montmartre (Bronze) – Defeat the Centaurs of Montmartre.
  • Knight: Bastille (Bronze) – Defeat the Bastille Executioner.
  • Bodyguard (Bronze) – Discover the truth about the Queen’s son and save her from certain death.
  • Conspiracy (Bronze) – Investigate the Orléanistes plot for La Fayette.
  • The old alchemist (Bronze) – Conduct investigation of Abbé Grégoire.
  • Automation at your service (Bronze) – Help Mirabeau solve his family’s problems.
  • Abolish slavery (Bronze) – Helped Julien Raimond in the fight against slavery.
  • Everybody (Bronze) – Follow Bailly’s advice to find out the truth about Ludia.
  • Love before money (Bronze) – Saved Necker by finding his wife before his money.
  • Lantern of the dead (Bronze) – Help Robespierre come up with a plan to stop the Automats by allying with Laclos.
  • Powder traces (Bronze) – Find Lavoisier’s powder and give the Cordeliers Club a significant advantage.
  • Trainee journalist (Bronze) – Conduct a journalistic investigation into Marat without falsely accusing La Fayette.
  • The relive (Bronze) – Collect all the echoes of Athenaïs.
  • savior (Bronze) – Awaken seven characters bound to Titan.
  • Safe passage (Bronze) – Activate 20 Vestals.
  • grenade (Bronze) – Defeat 25 enemies with grenades.
  • fire fanatic (Bronze) – Burn enemies 100 times.
  • Positively shocking (Bronze) – Electrocute enemies 100 times.
  • she froze (Bronze) – Freeze enemies 100 times.
  • super cold (Bronze) – Use Quick Cool 50 times.
  • Cold-blooded (Bronze) – Perform 10 perfect cooldowns.
  • Cannot touch (Bronze) – Perform 50 counterattacks.
  • Collateral damage (Bronze) – Causes the enemy to be killed by a direct attack from another enemy five times.
  • Invisible self (Bronze) – Surprise 20 enemies with stealth attacks.
  • Finish him off (Bronze) – Immobilizes 70 enemies.
  • titan assassin (Bronze) – Defeat the Titan without using the Oil Burette.
  • Technicians (Bronze) – Equipped with four level three modules.
  • David vs Goliath (Bronze) – Kill enemies with cobblestone.
  • Professional care (Bronze) – Upgrade all Oil Burettes.
  • Blacksmith (Bronze) – Upgrade weapons from each of the seven classes to level five.
  • Aegis (Bronze) – Block 50 special attack attacks with your shield.
  • Musketeers (Bronze) – Kill 20 enemies with one long-range shot.
  • AoE expert (Bronze) – Perform 10 attacks that affect three enemies at once.
  • Eagle Eye (Bronze) – Hit 20 hidden enemies.
  • Mad Titan (Silver) – Defeat Royal Orpheus.
  • Queen: Versailles (Silver) – Defeat the Iron Queen.
  • Stabilizers (Silver) – Defeat all unstable Automats.
  • clean-handed (Silver) – Helped Robespierre carry out his plan to make him Consul of the Republic.
  • royalist (Silver) – Helps La Fayette become Lieutenant General of the kingdom of young King Henri V.
  • Shields of the Cordeliers (Silver) – Help all the revolutionaries of the Cordeliers Club.
  • Friend of the people (Silver) – Complete all citizen stories.
  • Fashion victim (Gold) – Get all outfits in the base game.
  • Completionist (Yellow) – Finish the game without using the Oil Burette.
  • Long live the revolution (Platinum) – Get all trophies.

Steelmaking: The Secret of Cagliostro trophy list

  • Death (Bronze) – Defeat the following 30 enemies: Necromancers, Gravediggers and Apothecaries.
  • New toys (Bronze) – Defeat Scribe using only the weapons found in “The Secret of Cagliostro”.
  • Anti Necromancer (Bronze) – Defeat the unstable Automat at the hospital.
  • Hospital secretary (Silver) – Defeat Scribe.
  • Knight (Silver) – Complete the secret area in the Quartier du Temple.
  • The Secret of Cagliostro (Gold) – Complete “The Secret of Cagliostro”, save Brissot and return him to the Cordeliers.