Esports News - Fighting Games - February 6, 2024

SonicFox and Ninjakilla Win North American League 1 MK 1 Pro Kompetition

The inaugural year of Mortal Kombat Pro Kompetition has been a very interesting one so far. We’re moving towards a conclusion here and we’re starting to see more players securing their spots. Most recently, the Pro Kompetiiton North American League concluded its inaugural event with several players coming away victorious. Who won here and how did they get to the top of the rankings?

Mortal Kombat Pro Competitive League 1Mortal Kombat Pro Competitive League 1

Source: SonicFox, YouTube

MK 1 Pro Kompetition North American League East

This week we saw the opening rounds of a new competition, MK1 North American League 1. Here you can see quite a few leading Mortal Kombat 1 players competing for a significant number of Circuit Points towards Pro Kompetition. What garnered the most attention in the east was Ninja Killa’s dramatic run.

The athlete started in the semifinals but was swept by TheMightUnjust. That put him in the loser’s bracket, where he more than redeemed himself. He eliminated Bandinoz, Xombat and Justnasty all to win 3-0. This secured his place in the grand final itself.

TheMightyUnjust came back up against Ninjakilla, but the first section saw Ninjakilla_212 win 3-1. This means we are looking at resetting the entire bracket. Instead of slowing down in the final stages, Ninjakilla_212 went further ahead and won 3-0. This conclusion secured his victory and most of the points at stake for him.

SonicFox Wins West Bracket

It was not only the East Zone that saw the tournament take place, but also the West Zone. This round was a little less dramatic, but it still could have played out quite differently. In both the Winners Final and Grand Final, SonicFox took on PK Rewind. In the Winners’ Finals, SonicFox won a decisive 3-0 victory.

But after winning the consolation finals, PK Rewind got a second chance. Things were much closer in this match and Rewind won 3-2. Just like the East finals, we had a full reset here as well. In the second round, SonicFox extended their lead once again with a 3-1 win at MK 1 Pro Kompetition North American League 1.

SonicFox is one of the best Mortal Kombat players of all time, and by extension, one of the best fighting game esports experts. His wins are by no means surprising, but it’s always impressive that he’s able to stay at the top of the competition, presenting a new meta with each new game. Ninjakilla was equally impressive and both players will be players to watch in Pro Kompetition going forward.