Blog - February 6, 2024

Some gamers believe Taylor Swift is teasing a Fortnite collaboration on her new album

It’s me, hello. I’m a gamer, that’s me.

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Call it what you want, but you really can’t go anywhere without hearing about Taylor Swift these days, and now some gamers are thinking the record-breaking singer and songwriter will bring in the legions of Swifties. Fortress.

Fortnite characters standing next to each other.Long story short, it is possible. Image via Epic Games

Swift, after winning her first two Grammys (and 13th overall) during her show on February 4, announced that her new album is titled POETRY ROOM will be released this April. And then yesterday, the tracklist for the album was released, revealing a song featuring Post Malone (a gamer in his own right) titled Two weeks. The Swifties community and the game have grown strongly together, as you might expect.

Ever the jokers, gamers on Twitter/X had fun with the song’s title, reacting with hope and some sarcasm that Swift might be coming Fortress as a playable character or even with an in-game concert, like Ariana Grande, Travis Scott and Marshmello before her. Memes also appeared, with people from all over the internet chiming in with their hopes and wildest dreams for Swift to collaborate with. Fortress. And the funny thing is, that’s entirely possible considering that battle royale games have become as close to the metaverse as anything else.

Taylor Swift Fortnite concert confirmed

— Kaitlyn Red Wing (@KaitlynRedWing) February 6, 2024

At the very least, Swift and her songs could appear in Fortnite Festivalthe Guitar hero-like music mode where players can group and play all kinds of famous songs. The first season of the new regime featured The Weeknd, so Swift could be the new artist for the sequel to coincide with her album release.

Currently, there is one Empty space, baby, inside Fortress store where TIME magazine’s 2023 Person of the Year might be present for a day. But in the immediate future, she’s got some concerts in Japan and a big soccer match to attend before the album drops on April 19.