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Sisyphus simulation code (February 2024)

Updated February 1, 2024: Following the most recent codes!

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Break Sisyphus’s vicious cycle, prove that your work is truly valuable and find your way out of Hades! Sisyphus Simulator Is one Roblox clicker game in which you must train and build enough muscle to push a rock to the top of a hill once and for all to avoid eternal damnation.

If you need extra help on the toughest slopes, use it Sisyphus Simulator Code whenever you can to double your Strength, increase your Wins, or get pets that will help you pass the hardest levels. If you want to test your clicking power in a similar game with lots of free gifts, check it out Fitness simulator code list!


  • All Sisyphus Simulator codes list
  • How to redeem codes in Sisyphus Simulator
  • How can you get more codes in Sisyphus Simulator?
  • How to get more free rewards in Sisyphus Simulator
  • What is Sisyphus Simulator?

All Sisyphus Simulator code list

Working Sisyphus Simulator code

  • Time—Exchange for 10 gems (New).
  • keep smiling—Exchange for 10 gems.
  • GOOD—Exchange for Victory Potion.
  • Fruit—Exchange for Victory Potion.
  • 10 CLICKS—Exchange for 10 gems.
  • UPDATE—Exchange for 15 minutes x2 Strength.
  • Fire—Exchange for 5 Gems and 15 minutes of Double Power.
  • GOODS—Exchange for five Gems, a Victory Potion, and a Luck Potion.
  • Randy—Exchange for five Gems, a Victory Potion, and a Shining Potion.
  • GREAT—Exchange for 15 gems.
  • Announced—Exchange for Lucky Potion.
  • God—In exchange for five Gems.
  • 50 CLICKS—Exchange for 10 gems and a lucky potion.

Expired Sisyphus Simulator code

Show more nice welcome

How to change code in Sisyphus Simulator

How to redeem codes in Sisyphus SimulatorClick these buttons to redeem your code | Screenshot of Dot Esports

Redeem code at Sisyphus Simulator is a brief process. Follow our instructions to get your free rewards instantly:

  • Launch Sisyphus Simulator IN Roblox.
  • Click Settings button on the right side of the screen.
  • Select INSERT CODE tab in the popup window.
  • Insert the code (or copy and paste it from our list). CODE text box.
  • Hit green USE button to claim your reward.
  • How can you get more codes in Sisyphus Simulator?

    If you want to update the latest information Sisyphus Simulator code, bookmark this article (CTRL+D) and check back from time to time as we do everything we can to find every activity and put it here for easy access.

    However, for more information about the game, tips and tricks, and other ways to earn free gifts, check out the developer’s social media channels:

    • @STOStudio on YouTube.
    • Flisk Studios Roblox group.
    • Sisyphus Simulator Discord.

    My why Sisyphus Simulator code not working?

    EQUAL Sisyphus Simulator Codes often combine upper and lower case letters, it’s easy to make mistakes when entering them, so make the whole process easier for yourself—copy codes from our list and paste them straight into the game to avoid spelling errors.

    If you receive the message “This code is invalid,” which usually means the codes have expired, so get those you haven’t used as soon as possible. Additionally, if you encounter a code that doesn’t work, even if it’s on our Worklist, let us know so we can move it to the appropriate section.

    How to get more free rewards in Sisyphus Simulator

    How to get more free rewards in Sisyphus SimulatorCheck out these options for more free gifts. Screenshot of Dot Esports

    In addition to redemption Sisyphus Simulator free gift codes, you can earn more free rewards in many ways. Check Love gift! icon on the right side of the screen and collect items like Triumphs, Pets, and Gems every few minutes. Also, remember to check Daily Tab (above the giveaway section) for similar prizes.

    Furthermore, check the two bins (Daily and Groups reward) in the main lobby and get more resources whenever you see the notification. Finally, check out the developer’s social media channels (linked above) for more potential features via Special events and giveaways.

    What Sisyphus Simulator?

    Sisyphus Simulator Is one Roblox clicker game where you have to train and strengthen your muscles to push a rock up the steepest slope possible to unlock new worlds. Try your best to stay away from the faith of Sisyphus and his endless drudgery. Cheat your gloomy fate and use all available codes to get more power-ups and other valuable items.

    Since you are here, please check out the rest of our Dedicated Code section, where you can get more free gifts for other popular products Roblox Game!