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Should you play Merciless difficulty in Persona 3 Reload?

Reload Persona 3 There are several difficulty options to spice up the game. If the battles are too difficult or too easy for you, you can change the difficulty without hesitation, unless you are playing on Merciless. Here’s what we think about the difficulty of Merciless in Reload Persona 3.

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Reload Persona 3: Should you play Merciless difficulty?

Confront Steel GigasThe battles are a bit harder, but that’s it. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Before anyone asks, I would like to answer:

No, there aren’t any difficulty related trophies or achievements Reload Persona 3.

If you want those sweet bragging rights, feel free to set the game to Peaceful difficulty and just grind through the combat encounters. Do not worry, Reload Persona 3 will still be fun even on the lowest difficulty.

The merciless difficulty in Reload Persona 3 means for personality veterans who want a more challenging combat experience. If you don’t mind grinding Tartarus decks a little longer or dealing more damage, then Merciless might be a good difficulty for you.

Now, it’s not the same as before personality title, without any weird difficulty modifiers. IN Royal Persona 5, for example, Merciless difficulty causes players to deal three times more technical damage, which actually makes it easier than other difficulties. This is not the case in character 3 Reload.

In short, combat on Merciless difficulty is harder, but not completely broken or impossible.

Reload Persona 3: Difficulties are merciless compared to other difficulties

Steel Gigas is attacked by ZioYou’ll have to grind a bit on Merciless difficulty. Image via Sega

Here are all the changes that happen when you choose Merciless difficulty:

  • Enemies deal more damage to the character.
  • The character deals less damage to enemies.
  • If you die, you must reload the save. You can’t restart in Tartarus (which makes no sense because of the Rewind feature).
  • If you switch from Merciless to lower difficulty, you will not be able to return to Merciless.

Thankfully, no matter what difficulty you play on, character stats, experience gained, Social Links, Character Combinations, and other non-combat related mechanics will not be affected .

In my opinion, you should check out the story on one of the lower difficulty settings, and if you like it so much that you really need another playthrough, go for Merciless.