Blog - February 1, 2024

Shiny Oricorio flies into Pokémon Go with the Love Festival event

The 2024 calendar puts two holidays, both of very different natures, close together this February, prompting Niantic to organize a combined celebration for Pokémon Go—there’s a Pokémon that compliments both holidays equally.

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Niantic has provided full details today about Pokémon Go The upcoming “Celebration of Love” event, scheduled to take place from 10 a.m. February 13 local time to 8 p.m. February 15 local time. As this event combines both the celebration of Carnival and Valentine’s Day, many cute and lively Pokémon will appear during the event, along with the debut of New Shiny.

Official drawing of Spinda, a special Pokémon that always has a different pattern on its body.Spinda only appears in certain events in Pokémon Go. Image via The Pokémon Company

Celebration of Love will focus primarily on Oricorio and its four distinct forms, all of which will be available in the wild and, for the first time in the mobile title, will be available in Shiny form. Players will also be able to change their Furfrou to Heart Trim, which can be done by accessing its information screen and selecting the “Change Form” option.

Candy XL will appear a lot during this event as both come with your buddy Pokémon, as well as two are guaranteed to evolve any Pokémon, making this event a great time to farm the candies can allow any Pokémon to exceed their standard limits. For players in Brazil, the entire duration of the event will also feature a double fishing experience, although this feature will not be available elsewhere.

Overworld encounters will mainly feature Snubbul, Skitty, Luvdisc, Flabébé (in Red, Blue and Yellow Flower colors), Furfrou, all Oricorio forms, Stufful and Quaxly, with Roselia and White Flower Flabébé and Cam rarely appears. The new Collection Challenge will require players to catch some of these Pokémon for a chance to catch Roserade, while paid Timed Research will welcome players with Spinda encounters.

After the event ends, Oricorio can still be found in Shiny colors, although its appearance will become region-exclusive again, making it important for collectors to take advantage of its appearance them in this short period of time. Players can then look forward to countless celebrations of the Sinnoh region, leading up to it Pokémon Go Tour: Sinnoh on February 24.