Reviews - February 5, 2024

Save up to $100 on popular wearables

Prices start at $192.

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch line has dominated our best Android smartwatch buyer’s guides for years. Even as the Wear OS competitive field continues to grow, its combination of sharp design and smooth performance continues to be unrivaled. The new Galaxy Watch 6 Classic was named the best Android smartwatch right now, while the base model Watch 6 was named the best value. Still, these wearables don’t come cheap, so we’re always looking for bargains. Find the best Galaxy Watch deals currently available below.


Best Samsung Galaxy Watch deals

With several discounts currently being offered across Samsung’s smartwatch range, it’s a great time to shop for the new Galaxy Watch. The Galaxy Watch 6 and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic are sold at a discount of $50 and $60, respectively. These are two of our favorite wearables, and prices start at just $250. If that seems a bit steep for you, you can go for the Watch 4 Classic or Watch 5. There aren’t any significant improvements in basic features and functionality between newer models, so it makes sense to choose one of the following: You’ll save over $50. Lastly, if you’re looking for a larger, more rugged smartwatch option, check out the discounted prices on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro and Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition. It’s more expensive, but has a larger battery and exclusive features.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 black, placed at an angle Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

$250 $300 $50 discount

The Galaxy Watch 6 is currently the best value in our guide to the best Android smartwatches, and it’s currently on sale for just $250 at Best Buy. That’s just a few dollars off the bargain prices we’ve seen during recent holiday shopping seasons.

Black Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic tilted to the right Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

$340 $400 $60 discount

A larger, better-looking sibling of the Watch 6 is also on sale. The 6 Classic is available in 43mm and 47mm trims, both of which are currently available at a discounted price. There isn’t much difference between the two models when it comes to price difference, but the Classic has a stainless steel body and rotating bezel that makes it easier to navigate.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

$192 $380 $188 off

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is still popular, and you can get it for just $192 on Amazon. Two generations later, we’re talking about a stainless steel Wear OS smartwatch with a large 46mm display that costs a bit more than a Fitbit.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with purple band on white background Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

$248 $310 $62 off

Best Buy has the Galaxy Watch 5 44mm model listed for $248, a savings of $62. To be honest, at this price you’d be better off finding a $250 Watch 6 deal. But even if that deal isn’t available, you can still get this model at this price. You can save even more by searching for the Open-Box option listed under the price on the Best Buy page.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro front black color Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

$300 $450 $150 discount

If you’re looking for a bigger watch that can take a beating, check out this deal on the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Even though it’s a generation older, it still packs exclusive outdoor features, including three-day battery life, GPS route tracking, a 2x more powerful sapphire crystal glass display, and a titanium case. Selling for $300, it’s a pretty solid deal.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition in black and white depending on the angle Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition

$400 $500 $100 discount

Samsung is selling the 45mm Galaxy Watch 5 Pro Golf Edition for $400. It may seem a little pricey for a smartwatch a generation older, but it’s $100 off the retail price. Keep in mind that the Golf Edition has a black titanium body, a larger battery, and exclusive design and features.