Blog - February 1, 2024

Saudi presence in esports growing with six-figure annual payouts to 28 organizations

Esports World Cup, a project supported by Saudi Arabian-owned gaming organization Savvy Gaming Group, today announced information regarding the new “EWC Club Program” aimed at stimulating 28 e-sports organization with six-figure annual payouts.

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Twenty-two organizations will receive “direct invitations” to join the program and six places will be offered through an open application from today until February 15. The program will consider organizations active “with a history of participation in one or more esports and success in domestic and international tournaments.”

EWC Club Program announcement post on X.Announcement about the EWC Club Program. Screenshot via @ESWCgg on X

Organizations that accept invitations to the program will be eligible to receive annual payments in the six-figure range “tied to… performance and ability to drive viewership and fan engagement.” tomb”. This payment will serve as an “additional revenue source” for each organization. Additionally, organizations will have the ability to access a one-time payment in 2024 if they “want to enter new esports titles to compete in a multi-game tournament.”

Despite the program’s ties to the Esports World Cup, participation in the program “does not guarantee participation” in the Cup later this year, although it could open up financial opportunities for a pursuing organization The titles will be there. The one-time stimulus payment in 2024 appears to be intended to incentivize teams looking to participate in the Esports World Cup.

Saudi Arabia’s influence and presence in the esports sector has yielded nothing but significant growth over the past few years. ESL, FACEIT, DreamHack, Esports Engine, Vindex and others have all been acquired by Savvy Gaming Group in recent years. Just last week, Blizzard announced that ESL FACEIT would headline the new game watch out, take precautions e-sports circuit. Riot Games, which cut ties with a Saudi-backed partner after public backlash, is sending some of its best stuff League of Legends teams participating in the Esports World Cup later this year.

No teams have been officially announced as participants in the EWC Club Program yet.