Reviews - February 7, 2024

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gives you everything you need, on sale just in time for Valentine’s Day

To me, a good smartwatch is one that simply allows me to answer or check calls hands-free, check notifications when my phone is out of sight, and control my music and audiobooks. all exorbitant Smartwatches add health, fitness, and sleep tracking features without breaking the bank.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm) now has all these features, and if you’re looking for a sweet gift for Valentine’s Day, it’s on sale right now.

One good way to avoid spending too much money when purchasing technology is to choose an older version of your current device. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is currently on sale at Amazon for $169, down from the usual $200, with a 15% discount in the pink gold color option. It looks almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 with only a few minor improvements to the Watch 4.

Of course, this is not the latest model of Samsung Watch. It will be the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. But it still has all the key features I need, including ECG, blood pressure monitoring, sleep monitoring, and Google integration for most features. And Samsung Health.

I’m not a fitness enthusiast, so I don’t need all the latest tracking features, nor do I need the improved battery life and larger screen size of the Watch 6 40mm, which retails for about $300. The Galaxy Watch 4 has the fitness tracking features I need without being overly complicated. (If you like auto-sensing tracking, there’s advanced exercise tracking for six modes, including running, rowing, and swimming.)

One caveat: Some people have recently complained that the battery is draining quickly. Samsung runs diagnostics on your watch and provides advice on how to fix the problem.