Blog - February 7, 2024

Rollerdome trophy list: All trophies and achievements

2024 given roller skating rink a new vitality and if you are starting to act for the first time, you need to have roller skating rink list of honors and achievements in your sights.

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PS Plus Games February 2024 brought some exciting titles: foam star, Square Enix’s high-quality, action-packed multiplayer game steel makingAnd roller skating rink. The latter is the focus here, as Roll7’s third-person shooting/skating hybrid, originally released in 2022, was reborn in 2024.

roller skating rink has really come back into the spotlight and rightly so. The concept is unique, and the critically-acclaimed shooter has plenty of trophies and achievements to claim.

Do roller skating rink Is there a Platinum trophy?

Players jump through windows at a roller skating rinkAchieving Platinum will be a breakthrough in your title career. Image via Roll7

I’m happy to announce that Rollerdome got the Platinum trophy for PlayStation users to get.

As always, if you succeed in claiming every other trophy in the full list, you’ll be rewarded with the elusive Platinum trophy at the end of your journey.

How many titles and achievements are there in Rollerdome?

Private division roller skating rink featured 22 PlayStation titles for you to pick up and 21 Xbox achievements if the platform you choose is a green brand.

General, Rollerdome Honestly, want you to play and enjoy. Progress through matches, smash through the campaign and even get a tutorial.

All Rollerdome titles and achievements

NameDescriptionI’m Kara HassanGet every other Trophy in the game. Start Play through and complete the Entrance Test. Launch Finish your first match. Quarter finalist Reached the quarter finals. Semi-finalists Go to semi-finals Finalists Go to finals. Champion Complete the main campaign. It is impossible to reach the End of a match without taking any damage. HalfwayComplete 50% of Main Campaign Challenges.CompleterComplete 100% of Main Campaign Challenges.KillstreakFinish a match in a single Combo.One for the Record BookPerform a single Combo worth more 3,000,000.Welcome to RollerdromeFinish one match in Out For Blood Campaign.All in One WorkdayComplete every match in Out For Blood Campaign.Glutton for PunishmentComplete 100% of War challenges Translate Out For Blood.Never Be ConqueredDefeat Spider Tank Mk. 1 without taking any damage.Two BirdsEliminate 2 players in the house with just one Z-11 shot.Three is a mobEliminate 3 players in the house with just one grenade.SluggerComplete one level using only Slug shots.Ready for anythingComplete every tutorialEvery trick in the bookPerform every Trick grab in a match.Attack stancePerform every maneuver in a match.