Blog - February 1, 2024

Riot criticized after allegedly removing loot bags from LoL’s 2024 Lunar New Year event card

Once again, League of Legends fans picked up their pitchforks and started protesting after discovering that Riot Games’ upcoming Lunar New Year 2024 card may have less content than the previous event card late last year.

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When Riot dropped the Winterblessed event pass last November, players were quick to appreciate the lack of pouches in the pass, which were exchanged for guaranteed banners. When the majority of communities unite together, League the developers even acknowledged the need for handbags and said: “Got it, you prefer handbags.”

Senna Winterblessed is carrying his giant gun on his shoulder in League of LegendsThe 2023 Winterblessed event is nothing but a blessing for ticket holders. Image via Riot Games

Apparently, something was missed in the translation, because according to recent datamining information surrounding the Lunar New Year event, the upcoming event has no carry bags at all. Players can expect around six Heavenscale orbs, two Masterwork chests and keys, and a Heavenscale 2024 capsule, along with plenty of tokens along the way.

Grab bags are of great value to players and offer great appeal to those who want to try their luck with League gods as they provide three skin shards and a chance to receive Mythical Essence. They may be random skins, but they still offer a great amount of value and a good chance of getting a higher tier skin to show off at a pass price.

Above League subreddit, players believe that Riot is testing to see “the lowest they can go” when it comes to cards, and if they continue to sell at similar margins, the devs won’t need any more. any more content. General combat strategy Enjoyers were also affected by the recent changes and were quick to voice their opinions on the public forum.

One user complained: “The passes have been withdrawn quite a bit but are still the same price.” “It’s worth noting that Riot thinks the answer to their lagging profits is to make passes worse and cost the same, instead of giving us content that’s actually worth it in comparison. with costs.”

If Riot doesn’t respond to these common complaints, disgruntled players will have to talk to their wallets. However, this will be a huge test for both the player base and Riot as the two sides struggle to find the right balance between value and profitability.