Reviews - February 6, 2024

Report: Apple Watch Ultra with MicroLED display won’t be released until 2027

February 6, 2024

We’ve been hearing a lot about Apple’s upcoming Watch Ultra with a microLED display, but each report paints a more pessimistic picture. The latest analysis comes from: Electric And this suggests that Apple’s high-end smartwatch with MicroLED technology will be released as early as 2027.

Supply chain analysts believe Apple will not have enough MicroLED displays at a reasonable price before then. Currently, the Watch Ultra’s display reportedly costs Apple $40 to assemble, while the MicroLED screen will reportedly cost around $150.

This is a huge cost for Apple to bear. This is especially true if you want to sell your watch at a premium price with a decent margin, as is usually the case.

The report claims that the Apple Watch Ultra with Micro LED could be released in 2027 or later. It will take time for manufacturers to improve production and lower costs enough for Apple to agree.

source (korean)