Blog - February 7, 2024

Poppy Playtime speedrunner beat Chapter 3 in 13 minutes using the strangest method possible

Speedrunners are breaking record after record as they unite for the kill Poppy’s Playtime: Chapter 3 in the fastest time possible. But one particular speedrunner has his sights set on gold with an absurdly fast method—involving chairs.

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We saw the speedrunners finish Poppy’s Playtime: Chapter 3 in less than an hour, but YouTuber JustAjz just took the top spot with a record of 12:59 on February 4, 2024. The standard method is to fly through levels, quickly defeat bosses and find spots daring to get to the later stages, but JustAjz literally flies across the entire map many times and lands safely in the CatNap boss fight. However, CatNap is expecting him.

So how did JustAjz achieve the fastest time ever recorded for Poppy’s Playtime: Chapter 3? The answer is Many chairs.

JustAjz first cleared the wall at the beginning of the match and forced himself into the next area. He then runs to the first checkpoint and back with his sights set on the first chair needed for the speedrun. JustAjz moves the chair up a ladder at an angle and unstuck through the wall, propelling him across the entire area. Drug time Playcare.

He repeated this method twice, using the 15 FPS limit to propel himself across the map while still clinging to his chair for survival. JustAjz reaches the Gas Production District in just three minutes, with the CatNap boss fight coming right after the four-minute mark.

While my own version Poppy’s Playtime: Chapter 3 glitched, forcing me to restart from the beginning just so I could find all the cartridges, JustAjz deliberately broke his game to achieve the impossible. It’s unlikely anyone can beat JustAjz’s time, and I doubt he’ll come back to try again — unless someone comes close to mastering his chair skills.