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Poppy Playtime: End of chapter 3, explained

Poppy’s Playtime: Chapter 3The ending leaves us with more questions than answers regarding the fate of several recurring characters. But Chapter 4 may finally resolve the mystery behind Poppy and the Prototype. While we all eagerly await the next release, here’s our take on it Poppy’s Playtime: Chapter 3 end.

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Poppy’s Playtime: Chapter 3: CatNap’s death is explained

CatNap kneels before Prototype in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3The real victim in Drug time. Screenshot of Dot Esports

All Drug time The chapter inevitably ends with the fall of the chapter’s main mascot and main threat. Instead of being fooled by the player, CatNap received the final blow from none other than his lord and savior, prototype. After being dealt so much damage by the charged terminal that you tried your best to power up, the CatNap is temporarily inactive until the Prototype appears to seal its fate.

Realizing CatNap likely couldn’t be saved because his injuries were so severe, the Prototype rushed in to stab CatNap through his mouth. But why does Prototype do this? Well, after being seen worshiping the Archetype at a temple, The effectiveness of CatNap has worn off. The prototype no longer needed his loyal servant so he was murdered. His body was raised into the light, potentially becoming part of the Prototype’s final form.

What happened to Kissy Missy in Poppy’s Playtime: Chapter 3?

Kissy Missy with Poppy on her shoulder in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3Will she be the next villain or be captured by Prototype? Screenshot of Dot Esports

After defeating CatNap and clearing the red smoke from Playcare, Poppy then shows the protagonist the truth behind the mascot’s actions. The The hour of joy is handed over, revealing a synchronized attack from Boxy Boo, Huggy Wuggy, Mommy Long Legs and Kissy Missy against Bigger body initiative scientists.

Poppy explains the next step is to delve into the Factory and take down the Prototype, hinting that Chapter Four will be the final piece of the puzzle. Poppy and the main character enter the elevator to go down to the abyss but after Kissy Missy is left behind, you suddenly hear her scream.

Look at Kissy Missy before falling into the abyss in Poppy Playtime Chapter 3What’s wrong with her so? Screenshot of Dot Esports

It’s quite strange that Kissy Missy can’t get into the elevator with you. Instead, she has to wait until you reach the bottom and use the elevator after you go down. The result is that Kissy Missy screams like the sound file was cut from Smiling Critter cardboard. The prototype could have continued Kissy Missy’s control, as seen in the Hour of Joy tape. However, her cry may have been a call for Poppy’s help when she was captured by the Prototype, much like DogDay.

Kissy Missy can become the next villain in Chapter 4 or you will have to save her from becoming part of the Prototype. We’ll probably have to wait until next year to see what happened to Kissy Missy at the beginning of Chapter Four.

For now, I’ll take my time thinking about whether Poppy is really as heroic as she seems or if we (the players) are just one of her toys.