Blog - February 1, 2024

Pokémon UNITE finally gets their shiny Pokémon and no, they don’t have to pay to win

Pokémon UNITE players have been calling for Shiny character variants for years, and it looks like TiMi Studio is finally listening — sort of. After a controversial datamined item, The Pokémon Company has now cleared things up and confirmed this new content will not be pay-to-win.

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Through a series of data from the ever-present ElChicoEevee, UNITE fandom has learned shiny Pokémon are being added in at least one form. The only asset shown is Boss Rayquaza from the Theia Sky Ruins map, with it appearing in an alternate black, red, and yellow color scheme—with an added Regidrago image Pokémon MOBA title as a mini-boss also for the all-Dragon game mode.

Shiny Rayquaza and Ceruledge fight.It looks like we might see Shinies used in a promotion. Screenshot via The Pokemon Company

It’s unclear whether Rayquaza is the only Shiny Pokémon that actually appears while in the game, but ElChicoEevee notes that it could be a combination of Pokémon Horizon animated series, in which Shiny Rayquaza is a recurring character.

However, that is not the cause of the controversy. Instead, a new item initially named “Shiny Spray” was discovered in the records and listed as a cosmetic for players to purchase. This item appears to gain a temporary stat boost when used before battle. That’s the definition of pay to win, which UNITE the developers have been accused of using it multiple times since launch, whether it’s the leveled Held Items or the Boost Emblem system.

Initially, it appeared that the Holowear Effect Spray could be applied to a piece of Holowear for a certain number of days, giving it a slightly altered appearance. A text string with the item’s code also notes that it can increase a Pokémon’s HP by 50, Attack by 5, and Special Attack by 8 in all modes except tournament. However, a spokesperson for The Pokémon Company has now reached out to several content creators and players to debunk it.

According to spragels, TPC told him that “The Glitter Spray item is not intended to have stats attached. Incorrect text string. The effect is purely aesthetic.” So now we know the spray’s official in-game name and have what appears to be direct confirmation that the data is a bit out of date and will be adjusted when the item comes online.

TPC also provided some more details, saying Glitter Spray is an item that can be used to make your Pokémon sparkle, along with any additional Holowear effects—it’s “absolutely cosmetics for curling on bent ends”. This wording also makes it seem like Glitter Spray will have nothing to do with Shiny Pokémon despite the initial hype that it could temporarily unlock alternate color schemes for playable Pokémon.

To briefly summarize this whole story of the past 24 hours: at least one shiny Pokémon is being added Pokémon Go in the form of Shiny Rayquaza and it may be part of an anime cross-promotional event, while the Holowear Effect Spray that players were worried about has seemingly been confirmed by a spokesperson for The Pokémon Company as not actually having any effect. any stat-increasing effects.

Along with all this information, Miraidon and Falinks have had more files pushed to the game’s backend, making them fully playable in unofficial builds, with the former seemingly going public. announced or released around this time. Pokémon February 27.

Ceruledge files have also been discovered, indicating that it is a playable All-Arounder when participating in Pokémon UNITE list at a future date.