Blog - February 2, 2024

Pokémon TCG battles Pikachu Van Gogh scalers with another distribution change

The Pokémon Company is looking to limit additional scaling efforts for its highly coveted Van Gogh Pikachu collaboration, reportedly changing its upcoming distribution plans in the Netherlands to focus into wider release.

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When Pikachu with gray felt hat promotional cards were first released as part of a special collaboration between art and products themed around the Van Gogh Museum, the chaos that dominated the museum and digital stores as people Rush to collect limited items. According to PokéBeach, things got so bad that the museum eliminated promotional distribution, citing safety and security concerns for visitors and staff, even firing an employee for embezzlement entire box of promotional cards.

Where all the Pokemon x Van Gogh paintings are displayed, at the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum.The promotion has been the source of a lot of drama. Image via The Pokemon Company

A special redistribution of the Pikachu ad is planned to launch in February at select local game stores in the Netherlands for walk-ins. Pokémon TCG Products However, less than a week after that announcement, it was confirmed that some of those stores had pre-sold their inventory and were experiencing scaling issues ongoing.

In response, PokéBeach is now reporting that TPC and one of its distribution partners, Asmodee, have cut the original redistribution deal. Instead of local stores receiving 100 promotional cards, they will only receive 10 cards. Meanwhile, the remaining copies will be shipped to larger Dutch chains such as Game Mania and Media Markt when the promotion begins on February 10.

There is currently no official statement from TPC or Asmodee regarding this change nor confirmation of how many copies of the Pikachu Van Gogh ad will be available at each of these larger stores. PokéBeach estimates that up to 100,000 new cards could be added to the global supply with this change—further reducing the value of cards and making them easier to obtain.