Blog - February 3, 2024

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players recreate the Prop Hunt minigame by becoming wild Pokémon

Pokémon Scarlet And purple did a lot of new things for the franchise, but the game’s last DLC expansion gave us something strange—the ability to travel the world as a Pokémon. Now, players are using the feature to recreate the popular Prop Hunt minigame using Pokémon they’ve caught.

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IN Indigo disc, players can access a new mechanic called the Synchro Machine, which allows you to control Pokémon you’ve caught and freely roam around the overworld. This opens up a lot of opportunities for fun as your favorite Pokémon flit around Blueberry Academy or swim in the waters of Paldea, though Pokémon The community has grown to use it for more than just recreating old game visuals.

One player controls their Pikachu using the Synchronizer.Be ready to run away from the seeker. Image via The Pokemon Company

Since the DLC was first released in December, several SV players note that assembling a full Circle of Alliances of four friends and using a Synchro Machine can easily recreate one of the most popular mini-games from Garry’s Mod and other sandbox titles—Prop Hunt. That requires three players to become something unique that can blend into their environment while one player searches for them, trying to spot inconsistencies with their actions in the overworld. that.

Pokémon Prop Hunt is now real

— DittoM (@DittoM__) December 15, 2023

Can actively select and control any Pokémon you catch bright red And purple makes it simple to find a Pokémon in any of the game’s three regions, catch it, and then turn it into the mix—or pick something out of the ordinary like a Legendary or Shiny to try and troll your friends.

This fun little game within a game may be about to become popular for some Pokémon Content creators, Purplecliffe, PM7, Johnstone and partyarlie, among others, have launched videos showcasing the simplest way to organize a fun session using the Blueberry Academy map. It’s easily divided into biomes with specific spawns, making it easy to catch relevant Pokémon and blend in if you’re new to Prop Hunt.

There are many other minigames that the community has created in modern environments. Pokémon too, including the usual version of hide and seek using your trainer characters and catch challenges where you have a limited amount of time to catch a team of Pokémon before you’re caught by the player another challenged in battle.