Blog - February 5, 2024

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet players hate Urshifu so much when another Legendary is much worse

Legendary Pokémon are said to be extremely powerful, but Urshifu is so weak that it terrifies many people. bright red And purple Players hate its guts. It’s an ironic sentiment since another overpowered Legend, Ogerpon, has received nothing but love since his debut. Teal mask DLC though is the new number one threat in competitive play.

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Pokémon fans today pointed out the double standard when it comes to Urshifu and Ogerpon—both of which are very strong legendary Pokémon in the Regulation F metagame—after a Reddit meme shed light on the situation: Urshifu gets a lot of hate in when Ogerpon received a lot of praise for their strength.

Ogerpon happily dance in front of players in the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet The Teal Mask DLC.Everyone loves this cute little elf. Image via Game Freak

Many players feel this way for a few different reasons. The biggest reason is how Urshifu completely broke the norm in VGC doubles. Protect is an essential move that most Pokémon have in their moves to keep them safe for a turn, but Urshifu’s signature Unseen Fist ability allows the bear to bypass Protect altogether.

On top of that, both forms of Urshifu have signature moves that always deal critical hits, which ignore any drops in its Attack. This bear is an absolute threat to deal with, especially if it has superior speed with Choice Scarf or Tailwind from its friend, Tornadus.

However, despite all the hate Urshifu gets for being broken, it really hasn’t been the biggest threat at recent VGC events. Ogerpon has overshadowed his fellow Legendary Pokémon in the past few regions, including Charlotte, Liverpool, and even the Knoxville Region this weekend. On day two of the Knoxville Regional, Wellspring Ogerpon was the most used Pokémon, defeating both Urshifu’s form as well as the ever-dominant Flutter Mane.

Top 12 Pokémon in the 2024 Knoxville RegionOgerpon is at her peak where she deserves to be. Image via The Pokémon Company

You could argue that Wellspring Ogerpon’s high usage stat is due to how well it counters Rapid Strike Urshifu, but we also can’t pretend that this ogre doesn’t have plenty of other things to do. Its mask increases its strength by 20%, it gains an additional Ability when Terastallizes to increase one of its stats (Special Defense with Wellspring Mask), and its signature move, Ivy Cudgel, is 100 Base power with high critical chance and no drawbacks. It can also play a support role with Follow Me to redirect attacks away from its allies. So Ogerpon will maximize her role as an offensive support while hitting everyone around her with a sharp stick—and we still love her.

The thing is, Ogerpon is adorable and cute, as many players pointed out in the initial chat. People immediately fell in love with the elf after learning about its story in Teal mask DLC, and it’s hard to imagine anyone hating that adorable legendary Pokémon. You can’t say the same thing about Urshifu or other commonly hated threats like Incineroar, who don’t have sweet personalities or special lore behind them.