Blog - February 1, 2024

Pokémon Go players have difficulty raiding six stars: ‘Why even bother trying to raid’

Pokémon Go is currently hosting six-star Legendary Mega Raids with the return of Mega Latios and Latias to tie in with Pokémon Go Tour: Sinnoh later this month.

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These raids are some of the hardest you’ll ever participate in, and they’re very unforgiving due to the increasing difficulty and capture rate. At a basic level, at least eight people should work together to carry out these raids to increase your chances of success.

Six-star Legendary Mega Raids aren’t just difficult—sometimes, they’re downright unfair, considering how difficult it is to catch one of the Mega Legendary Pokémon duo if you somehow make it through the fight . So, as usual, Pokémon Go fans are outraged about the issues plaguing the game and are calling on Niantic to make changes, even if at this point they know they won’t be listened to.

A man wearing a backpack walks up a hill, surrounded by Generation IV Pokémon.  The Pokémon Go Tour logo is in the upper right corner of the image.Sightseeing time! Image via Niantic

Most players are concerned about the raid’s poor capture rate: “It takes a lot of effort to gather enough people, only to have it be worse than flipping a coin if you get it!? This is ridiculous,” one player said, while another pointed out that the duo “should [a] Guaranteed catch. It’s ridiculous.”

However, some fans were quick to object, explaining the catch rate of Premier Balls was proportional to the number used and that some players were lucky enough to catch them quite early. However, these positive comments are just a few scraps in the bin.

Right now, it feels like Pokémon Go fans are complaining more about the match with each passing day. Legendary Mega Raids is one of many Sinnoh-focused raids that will take place over the next few weeks on the way to Go Tour: Sinnoh, so expect a lot more battles—and possibly more complaints—from the community in the near future.