Blog - February 4, 2024

Pokémon Go Lunar New Year Dragons Unleashed Event Guide: All Rewards, Encounters, and Raids

Bring the Lunar New Year with you Pokémon Go annual event, this time themed around Dragons and newly arrived species. For Lunar New Year: Dragons Unleashed, that means the release of Drampa and a ton of event rewards you won’t want to miss.

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Starting at 10am on February 5th local time until 8pm on February 11th local time, players will get Drampa, the Placid Pokémon for the first time as other Dragon types join it. Whether it’s in the wild, raids, or countless Field Research missions, you can encounter various rare Pokémon like Jangmo-o or Turtonator.

If you want more content, Timed Research and Global Challenges are available, although you must purchase a pass for the content first. However, if you just need to know everything that’s available in Lunar New Year: Dragons Unleashed then here’s a guide for you to follow.

Full Pokémon Go Instructions for the content of the Lunar New Year event: Dragon Award

Drampa in Pokemon Go infographic.Image via Niantic

All new encounters for Pokémon Go Lunar New Year: Dragon appears

The only new Pokémon to appear during the event Pokémon Go Lunar New Year: The dragon’s debut event is Drampa. The Dragon/Normal type is available exclusively in three-star raids during the event—and it can be obtained immediately as Shiny.

All Pokémon Go Lunar New Year: Dragons Unleashed increases spawning and raids

With Pokémon Go Lunar New Year: Dragon Unleashing Event, Niantic has some additional encounters that can be added to the game’s spawn pool for spawning and raiding if the Global Challenge is completed before everything ends on February 11 at 8 p.m. local time.

In total, seven additional encounters can be added to the wild spawn, and two more Pokémon can join the raid party. If that happens, this list will be updated. And if the Pokémon is marked with an asterisk

  • it can be encountered as Shiny.
    • Enhance wild reproduction
    • Magikarp*
    • Dratini*
    • Shuckle*
    • Fennekin*
    • Shrelp*
    • Enabled floating*
  • Jangmo-o
    • One-star raid
    • Dratini*
    • Deino*
  • Oh my God*
    • Three-star raid
    • Druddigon*
    • Rotator*

Drampa* All Pokémon Go

  • Lunar New Year: Dragons Unleashed event reward
  • Increases your chances of getting lucky Pokémon in trading
  • Increase your chances of becoming a Lucky Friend
  • Add candy when catching Pokémon with beautiful, awesome, and excellent throws
  • Increased odds for Trainers level 31 and above to receive Candy XL when catching Pokémon with Beautiful, Awesome, and Excellent Throws

Global challenge with the theme of completing the Beautiful Throw

This is the first major event of February, which means you should try to complete your seasonal Time Travels Special Research before it ends at the end of the month.