Esports News - Mobile Games - February 8, 2024

PMGO 2024 Brazil opens format for anyone to participate, here’s how to become a pro.

PUBG Mobile Global Open (PMGO) 2024 is a new esports tournament, the first edition of which will be held in Brazil with a prize pool of $500,000. With the introduction of PMSL, a partner league across the world, opportunities for grassroots level players to make it onto the big stage have diminished.

Recognizing this problem, Tencent introduced PMGO, a tournament that not only features the best teams, but also gives players the opportunity to develop into pros through open qualifiers. Everything you need to know about the Global Open is here.

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PMGO 2024 Format: How to qualify for LAN in Brazil?

PMGO registration opens soon, from which teams will participate in the qualifiers. From there, the top teams will advance to the PMGO Qualifier Finals, which will be held as LAN events. Whoever wins here will advance to the main event.

The other top teams from the PMGO Qualifier Finals will advance to the offline PMGO Qualifier, where eight teams will secure a spot in the Main Event.

The tournament schedule is as follows:

  • Preliminaries: March 4 to 30
  • Preliminary round: April 1 to 3
  • Main Event: April 5-7

PMGO 2024 Prize PoolPMGO 2024 Prize Pool

Image Credit: PUBG Mobile Esports

How do partner teams qualify for the event?

PMGO 2024 will feature seven professional teams in addition to the qualified squad. To date, three have been confirmed in EMEA, Central and South Asia (CSA), and the Americas. To determine this, Tencent selected the highest-ranking team from each region in PMGC 2023.

  • S2G Esports: EMEA
  • IHC Esports: CSA
  • Alpha7 Esports: Americas

The remaining four teams include the winners of the following regional tournaments:

  • PMSL SEA Spring 2024
  • PMPS 2024 Season Zero
  • PMGO PEL Eligibility
  • PUBG Mobile Japan League (PMJL) Season 3

Overall, PMGO is a good initiative at the beginning of PUBG Mobile’s esports roadmap. This not only provides opportunities for new players, but also ensures that large-scale esports LAN events can take place in other regions, such as Brazil, in 2024. Despite being a strong region for PUBG Mobile esports and having a significant player base, there is no major PUBG Mobile. No esports events have yet been held in your region.