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Persona 3 Reloaded: Social Links Guide by Kazushi Miyamoto (Chariot)

There are many Social Links that you need to use while playing Reload Persona 3. One of the earlier ones you unlock is for Kazushi Miyamoto, who is on the track team and has the Chariot Arcana.

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How social bonding works in Reload Persona 3 is that you need to try your best to spend time with these characters. As you spend time with them, you can make certain choices to create a deeper connection with these characters. This is important for progressing their story, giving you a chance to unlock more powerful Personas during the Dark Hour. It’s easy to miss these options, and we’re here to make sure you get each one. Here’s our guide on how to complete Kazushi Miyamoto’s Social Link in Reload Persona 3.

How to Unlock Kazushi Miyamoto Social Link in Reload Persona 3

All answers about Kazushi Miyamoto's Social Links in Persona 3 ReloadedSpending time with Kazushi Miyamoto on the track team. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You need to unlock Kazushi Miyamoto before progressing through his Social Link in Reload Persona 3. The only thing you have to do is join the track team after school, you can do this by going to the gym and signing up.

After you join the track team, Kazushi appears at the back of your classroom and you can talk to him whenever you want to spend time with him and the track team. Before you agree to do this, make sure you have a Persona linked to the Chariot, which gives you points to grow your relationship with him in Reload Persona 3similar to when you spend time with Maiko Oohashi.

All answers by Kazushi Miyamoto Social Link in Reload Persona 3

You can only spend time with Kazushi on certain days of the week. He’s free Monday Tuesday Thursday, And Friday. However, he will not be present for the exam. You’ll see the Social Links tag floating above his head whenever you want to hang out with him.

To ensure you maximize your team with Kazushi, you must choose the correct options to develop your relationship. This should be the same for every playthrough, and again, make sure to have a Chariot Persona with you. You can always visit Elizabeth in the Velvet Room at Paulownia Mall to grab one before heading out.

In rank 1

  • My side is killing me… Maybe I’m overdoing it.
    • “Try your best!”
  • You don’t even look tired. What kind of exercise regimen do you have?
    • Any option

In rank 2

  • It’s just that my anemia is increasing
    • “Will you be okay?”
  • I’ve tried medication, I’ve tried wrapping it, but the pain still won’t stop
    • “Will it heal?”

In rank 3

  • What’s up? I was just planning on sneaking in to practice.
    • Any option
  • She made an appointment without informing me, so I couldn’t do anything.
    • “That’s really bad.”

In rank 4

  • I always meet you at the strangest times
    • “Back from the hospital?”
  • Damned! I can not
    • “Hold my shoulders!”

In rank 5

  • Well, I just want to win so I have to practice
    • “Show some courage, man.”
  • I promised to become the number one athlete in Japan.
    • “Why did you go so far?”
  • So I have to win this meet to make it to the national finals
    • “What about your knees?”

In rank 6

  • I know you didn’t say anything. I think he could tell something was up.
    • “How is your knee?”
  • Otherwise, I won’t be able to keep my promise to my nephew.
    • “You have to be tougher.”

In rank 7

  • You must know what’s going on.
    • “…”

In rank 8

  • I’m sure you like carrying this heavy stuff around, don’t you?
    • “I don’t mind at all.”

In rank 9

  • I have already decided. I will have surgery to repair my knee.
    • “What about the big meeting?”
  • I wouldn’t worry about winning races. Instead I will focus on regaining my health
    • Any option