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Persona 3 Reloaded Maiko: That crazy and bitter drinking place

You meet a young girl named Maiko in Reload Persona 3and she has some food-related requests for you to complete. The second request is for a drink, and she describes it as a “crazy and bitter” drink that she wants you to find.

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You won’t be able to get drinks from regular stores in Reload Persona 3, and it does not drop other enemies in the game. Instead, you must try to find it and bring it to her. Thankfully, her brief description makes it easy to see where she’s looking, but exact location can be difficult. Here’s what you need to know about finding crazy and spicy drink locations for Maiko in Reload Persona 3.

Where to find crazy and bitter drinking places for Maiko Reload Persona 3

Where to find crazy and bitter drink locations in Persona 3 ReloadedThe drink Maiko is looking for is called Mad Bull. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The drink you need to find for Maiko is Crazy cow. It’s a clear energy drink Reload Persona 3and instead of finding it on the shelf of a traditional store, it will be in a vending machine that you have to keep track of. It speaks to the quality of the drink that it only appears in a specific vending machine.

You can find vending machines when you visit Iwatodai Station. Anyone who has reached this point with Maiko knows that her previous request was to buy takoyaki from the stall at Iwatodai Strip Mall, so it makes sense that she would want two items from the same area. The exact vending machine you need to visit at Iwatodai Station is on the right, located next to the stairs, opposite the elevator. This is almost as easy as finding a triangular sword for Elizabeth.

Mad Bull’s description calls it “The drink has a mild bitter taste with a delicious flavor.” This isn’t the best advertisement for a child-friendly drink, but if Maiko wants the drink and it’s the only way to build our friendship, she’ll buy it. Personally, I would choose SoBay because I’m a big fan of tea drinks.

Once you have the Mad Bull, bring it back to Maiko at Naganaki Shrine and she will happily accept it. This is Maiko’s final request to unlock her Social Link in Reload Persona 3, The man was hanged. You can build your relationship with Maiko by visiting her at this location when you have time after school. It’s a location unavailable in the evenings, so make sure you get there in afternoonor you miss the opportunity to get to know her better and learn about her story.