Blog - February 6, 2024

Persona 3 Reloaded: Controlling Partner and Dependent Partner Weaknesses

You can expect to have some difficult encounters with Shadow in Reload Persona 3. The strongest shadows are the border guards that protect the next area from you, and the fight you have to go through involves Controlling Partners and Dependent Partners.

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You must fight these two when you reach floor 91. They fight together and force you to combine your strategies to find the best way to take these two down. Thankfully, there’s a nice way to approach this fight that makes it easier for you and your remaining companions before you can move on to the next area. Here’s what you need to know about the weaknesses of the Controlling Partner and the Dependent Inner Partner Reload Persona 3.

Weaknesses of the Controlling Partner and the Internal Dependent Partner Reload Persona 3?

All Control Partner Weaknesses in Persona 3 ReloadedAll the Controlling Partner’s weaknesses in Reload Persona 3. Screenshot of Dot Esports

These two Shadows fight side by side, but they have distinct strengths and weaknesses within Reload Persona 3. Controlling Partner Block Slash, Slash, LightAnd Dark attack, while Dependent Partner blocks all magical attacks. However it is Weak to piercing damage.

Between these two, I recommend focusing on Dependent Partners. Unlike Control Partners, there is a way for you to deal heavy damage to them and take them out of the fight momentarily. They will stand up during their turn, but take them in Weak state giving you a chance to eliminate them before they can continue to support the Control Partner. If you have a good chance deals a fatal blow to the Controlling Partner While the Dependent Partner is down, you can perform a full attack, dealing maximum damage to both at once. It’s similar to how you approach fighting with Priceless Hand or Beast Wheel.

All Dependent Partner Weaknesses in Persona 3 ReloadedAll of the Partner’s weaknesses depend within Reload Persona 3. Screenshot of Dot Esports

After the Dependent Partner is eliminated, the Controlling Partner mourns the loss of the partner and chooses to do nothing for a turn. Although tragic, this is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of this and have the freedom to launch multiple attacks against the Controlling Partner. You may want to try to negate any buffs the Dependent Partner may apply to them while they are active, making it easier for you to defeat them.

Once you have defeated these two warriors, Floor 91 has been cleared. Now you can continue in Reload Persona 3 play through and continue to explore Tartarus as you progress through the campaign.