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Persona 3 Reload: Which phrase symbolizes summer?

IN Reload Persona 3, the first school question you have to answer is in Ms. Toriumi’s class on April 8 (April 8). She was talking about symbolism in Japanese poetry, then asked Junpei what phrase symbolized summer, just to check if he was listening.

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Unlike most of the other in-class questions in Reload Persona 3, the teacher will actually give you the answer right before asking the question. But this only makes things easier if you listen from the start. Junpei doesn’t listen so he asks you for help. Since you’re reading this guide, you probably aren’t listening either. You’ll probably press the FFWD button. If so, I really don’t blame you. Reload Persona 3 after all, it’s quite wordy.

Your choices are “rain of flowers,” “mystical mirage,” and “vivid strip of carp,” all of which sound quite summery. So if you don’t listen, it will be difficult to guess the answer.

Among the phrases “flower rain”, “mysterious illusion” and “brilliant carp tree”, which phrase symbolizes summer?

Ms. Toriumi asked a questionShe doesn’t ask you but be willing to participate. Screenshot of Dot Esports

As I said, Ms. Toriumi told you which phrase symbolizes summer. I was going to demonstrate it, but I didn’t take a screenshot of that part because I didn’t think I needed to write this tutorial because it was so easy. Don’t be offended! Like I said, I don’t blame you for using the FFWD button, even early in the game.

Anyway, Junpei turns to you in panic and your options are:

  • “A shower of flowers.”
  • “Mysterious illusion.”
  • “Live carp TV line.”

And the answer is “Live carp TV line”. So now you know, the phrase “vivid carp flag” symbolizes summer in Japanese poetry. I hope you listened this time!

The group leader helps Junpei in classHelping him like this won’t benefit his studies, you know. Screenshot of Dot Esports

By the way, live carp livestreamers are not game streamers of Fishing Planet on Twitch. character 3 was first released in 2006, long before Twitch was cool Fishing Planet even exists. I guess the carp’s bright colors and rapid shimmering movements look like ribbons in the summer sun. Or something. Do not look at me; I am neither Japanese nor a poet.

The topic of Japanese poetry doesn’t come up on midterms, so you can forget all about vivid carp flags, showers of flowers, and mystical illusions, for example. You’ll never have to remember that the other two phrases represent spring, not summer.