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Persona 3 Reload: Which Early Religious Practices Are the Origins of Magic?

June 17 (June 17) at Reload Persona 3, you have a magic lesson with Mr. Edogawa and he asks you a question about the origin of magic. It’s a little easier than any of the questions you had to answer in April and May, but still quite difficult.

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Mr. Edogawa begins the lesson by reciting the demon summoning spell, “Palas Aron Azinomas,” before beginning a lecture on the foundations of magic. He tells you how primitive religions were created at the dawn of civilization and then… I’m sorry, I got bored and hit the FFWD button. He talks about witches and paganism before immediately asking you (whatever your name is) a question.

Which early religious practice was the origin of magic in Reload Persona 3?

A magical lessonThere is definitely something fishy about Mr. Edogawa. Screenshot of Dot Esports

So Mr. Edogawa has explained how magic originated from primitive religious practices, but he has not yet specifically named any of the practices. So when he asks you what early religious practice is the origin of magic, he’s wondering if you already know something that he hasn’t taught you. Your three possible answers are:

  • totemism
  • animism
  • magician

Now, I don’t like to brag, but I know the answer to this question and there’s no need to Google it, or guess, or call a friend, or anything like that. I’m a bit of a magician myself, you see. When I don’t write helpful guides and underwhelming reviews about Reload Persona 3 for Dot Esports, I can often be found dancing naked around fires, speaking in tongues, and summoning ancient spirits. It is important to have a hobby.

A question about magicIf the teacher asks you a question while you are fast forwarding, the “action” will automatically pause. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Anyway, yes. Mages are the source of magic, and so the answer is “Magicians”. Answer correctly and your classmates will swoon over your encyclopedic knowledge, and you’ll receive increasing amounts of Charms.

The topics of wizards and magic don’t come up on your final exam, so this is one of those class questions you’ll likely forget about immediately. Unless you really want to learn more about magicians, in which case, read on.

The earliest known evidence of shamanism is in the 17,000-year-old paintings of the Lascaux Caves in France. One of the paintings depicts a man with the head of a bird and experts believe he was believed to be a magician. It’s amazing to think that without Monsieur Birdhead there would be no David Blaine, no David Copperfield, no Siegfried and Roy. Anyway, that’s enough educational material for one day. Class dismissed!