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Persona 3 Reload: Where is the comma splice in the following sentence?

Year of study Reload Persona 3 which challenges you with a number of quizzes and class questions throughout your playthrough. One of these questions focuses on your teacher asking you to find a comma splice in a sentence.

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You have three options to choose from and only one is the correct answer. You only have one chance to answer the question correctly, otherwise you will miss the opportunity to increase your Character’s Attractiveness and prepare for the midterm exam. Here’s what you need to know to answer Where is the comma splice? is in the following sentence Reload Persona 3.

How to answer: Where is the comma splice in the following sentence? Reload Persona 3

Where is the comma splice in the following sentence Persona 3 ReloadYou must choose one of these three answers. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The sentence the teacher gave you in the question was as follows: “Since it’s 10:30 now, we won’t get to the theater in time, it’s already started, I’m so disappointed.” I can confirm the correct answer is “between “time” and its'” for this question in Reload Persona 3.

Before making a decision, I always recommend reviewing the log of the conversation with the teacher leading up to the question. This is a great way to double-check your work, especially if you’re trying to do this yourself. It’s something I wish I could do whenever I hang out with friends to show that I’m listening. You can also do this when talking to the Gourmet King when he asks you questions.

This question in Reload Persona 3 it can feel jarring as you try to figure out the answer. A good way to think about this is which comma would you remove from the sentence to make two complete sentences? It almost makes sense to choose between ‘now’ and ‘us’ in spite of. However, it does not complete the entire sentence. The same thing happens if you choose a comma between ‘start’ and ‘arrive.’ It’s like someone interrupting you before you can finish the rest of your thought, and that’s always rude.

After you successfully answer this question for Ms. Toriumi, everyone in the class will look at you with confidence, Increase your charm. Getting these answers right in class is a great way to prepare for the upcoming exam, and it’s a free way to build your character’s Seductive Social Skills. Usually, you have to spend time after school or in the evening to participate in an activity and spend money on it.