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Persona 3 Reload: What’s Another, More Casual Name for ‘May Disease’?

It’s May 15th Reload Persona 3, midterm exams are fast approaching, and Mrs. Terauchi is asking you to name the illness largely caused by those same exams. “May sickness” is a peculiarly Japanese phenomenon, so this is a difficult question if you are not Japanese.

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The difficulty here is that “May disease” only really exists in Japan, where it gets its Japanese name. And of course, its common name also only exists in Japanese, so you’ll essentially be asked to guess which of three very similar options is the most accurate translation of some language. Japanese slang. But don’t be afraid; it can be done

What is another name for “May Sickness”—the more common name in Reload Persona 3?

Reload English lessons in Persona 3It’s not the Moody Blues. Moody Blues is a band. Screenshot of Dot Esports

So when Mrs. Terauchi taunts you, a high school student who is probably very stressed and depressed at the moment, by asking for a common name for “May Sickness,” you will have three options to choose:

  • The days of the year
  • May Blues
  • Moody Blues

It’s pretty easy to find articles about the “May sickness” phenomenon and how Japan is basically completely cool with putting so much pressure on its young people over the course of a month that it makes them sick. But most of those articles simply called it “May Disease” or used “Gogatsubyou” in Japanese.

I persisted and found several articles mentioning the alternative name “May Blues”. Therefore, another, simpler name for “May Sickness” is “May Blues” and The answer to Ms. Terauchi’s question was “May Blues.” Give that answer and you’ll earn a bit of Charm.

Other common expressions used to describe “May Sickness” in Reload Persona 3?

Reload the English test in Persona 3. choose the blues in MayWhy is this an exam question? Screenshot of Dot Esports

The topic of “May disease” appeared again in midterm exams, specifically in the English exam on May 19 (May 19). This is probably a Japanese test in the Japanese version of the game, which would make a lot more sense.

The exam question is almost identical to the in-class question, just with different wording: What is another common saying used to describe “May sickness”? And there’s one more possible answer in addition to the previous three:

  • The days of the year
  • May Blues
  • Moody Blues
  • Ascites

Again, the answer is “May Blues,” so give that answer and you will be close to excelling in these exams. And in case you were wondering, “dropsy” is the name of an actual disease. That’s another name for fluid retention and has nothing to do with urinary incontinence (I’m guessing based on the name).