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Persona 3 Reload: What tools did Foucault use in his experiments?

On the afternoon of May 13 (May 13) at Reload Persona 3, you will study physics with Mr. Takenozuka. During a discussion about the Earth’s rotation, he will ask you what tools the French physicist Léon Foucault used in his experiments. That’s a difficult question.

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Léon Foucault became famous in 1851 after spectacularly demonstrating the Earth’s rotation effect at the Panthéon in Paris. He wasn’t the first scientist to perform such a demonstration, but he was the first to attract public attention and the instrument he used was eventually named after him. .

Did Léon Foucault use hourglasses, pendulums or globes in his experiments?

physical layer“Earth” sounds reasonable, right? But it’s wrong. Screenshot of Dot Esports

After explaining that the Earth completes a complete rotation every 24 hours and introducing Léon Foucault as a groundbreaking figure, Mr. Takenozuka picks you up and asks what tools he used in his experiments. Now you have to choose among the following answers:

  • Hourglass
  • Pendulum
  • globe

Well, to be honest, I didn’t know the answer to this question in the first place, but compared to some of the other school answers in Reload Persona 3, it’s pretty easy to figure out. As stated on Léon Foucault’s Wikipedia page, he is most famous for demonstrating the Foucault pendulum. So the answer is “Pendulum.” Let’s say Léon Foucault used a pendulum in his experiments and you’d get a slight boost to your Charms social stat.

Although this type of pendulum was eventually named after Foucault, he did not actually invent it. That honor belongs to Italian Vincenzo Viviani, who performed a similar experiment two centuries earlier but crucially made no connection with the Earth’s rotation.

Which of the following substances did Léon Foucault use in his experiments on Earth’s rotation?

Physics examBe careful! Wrong answers are highlighted in this screenshot. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Your favorite French physicist, Foucault, appears again on the midterm. Specifically, in the physics exam on May 20 (May 20). This time, the question is worded a little differently and you are given different answers to choose from:

  • A magnet
  • An adjustable fork
  • A pendulum
  • A vacuum tube

However, this is essentially the same question and has the same answer: A pendulum. Léon Foucault used a pendulum in experiments on Earth’s rotation. It’s really more of a demonstration than an experiment, but I’ll let that slide because life is too short to spend time looking for holes in it. Reload Persona 3 notions of reality.