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Persona 3 Reload: What phrase means ‘can see things as they really are’

As you progress through Persona 3 Reload, Your teacher will ask you a number of questions throughout the school year. One of these questions is “What phrase means you can see things as they really are?” and you have many choices.

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These are important questions because they are a good opportunity to improve your Social Skills with your classmates and help you prepare for the exam in a few weeks. But you only have one chance to answer this question. Here’s what you need to know about the phrase meaning “you can see things as they really are” in Reload Persona 3.

What is the answer to the question ‘can see the true nature of things’? Reload Persona 3

How to answer can see how things really are in Persona 3 ReloadedYou have three options to choose from for this question. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The answer you need to choose is Sharp eyes IN Reload Persona 3. When a person is described as having a keen eye, it means that they have a special ability to notice a particular object or quality that others may not notice.

When you choose the correct answer, Ms. Toriumi will share with the class that you were correct and provide the appropriate definition for her question. After she finishes speaking, everyone in the class will pay attention to you, step up overall assessment of charm. However, if you do not choose Keen Eye, You miss this opportunity to increase your charm. Other than missing this opportunity, nothing negative will happen if you answer incorrectly.

I had to look up this question before giving the correct answer. Thankfully, it’s pretty simple, since someone calling them “bright eyes” usually means they’re pretty happy, and “mean eyes” is a negative term. Through the process of elimination, “Clear eyes” makes much more sense, because the word “keen” means something very developed and sharp. A person with clear eyes can see things as they truly are and realize the truth.

This particular question in Reload Persona 3 is a good question to improve your Social Seduction skills, although this is not a question that will appear on a future test. It doesn’t prepare you for future questions that could further enhance your Charm, but getting it right is always a good idea—especially if you want to start boosting your Charm to talk to other characters in Reload Persona 3such as The Gourmet King or Yukari Takeba.