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Persona 3 Reload: What kind of story does the excerpt refer to?

In your class Reload Persona 3 The question dated July 3 (March 7) was sent by Mr. Ekoda. The lesson was about Murasaki Shikibu, and Mr. Ekoda wanted to know what Shikibu’s famous quote was referring to. He asked Junpei, who always came to you for help.

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Shikibu wrote the famous literary work The Tale of Genji. The quote is taken from that text and reads: “Thou shalt not recount a tale of this world before the princess.” And Mr. Ekoda asked: “What story does this quote refer to?” He instructed Junpei to answer, but Junpei didn’t know so he turned to you and said, “H-Hey, give me a hand…”

What story is he talking about?

A lesson in Japanese literatureI don’t know why the teacher keeps asking Junpei. He doesn’t know anything. Screenshot of Dot Esports

There are three possible answers to this question:

  • About a peaceful world
  • About public opinion
  • About love

It looks pretty nice to me, but I can’t find the quote Mr. Ekoda mentioned in the list of the best and most famous quotes from The Tale of Genji. In fact, I can’t find any reference to that quote or the scene it was taken from anywhere on the modern-day library we call the internet.

But I determined that The Tale of Genji itself is a romance story, so I took a little guess and chose it “About love.” as my answer And it was correct. Mr. Ekoda is telling a romantic story, then The correct answer is “About love”. There is a boost to your charm.

Mr. Ekoda talked about the Tale of GenjiLooks like Mr. Ekoda needs a vacation. Or a drink. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The whole point of the quote is that in 11th-century Japan, it was considered inappropriate to tell romantic stories within earshot of a princess, lest she get any ideas. In those days, princesses were very punished and protected and had very rigid, controlled lives. And they certainly don’t get to choose their own romantic partners, so it would be considered a bad idea to let them know that doing so is even possible. It’s better to let the princess believe that marrying the son of some other powerful noble is the best and only option available.

And people try to claim video games are a waste of time and have no educational value! There’s a lot to learn from Reload Persona 3, which I even go so far as to recommend that you read our entire class and test answers cover to cover, just for the educational value. Or to maximize your in-game rewards. Anything you like.