Blog - February 2, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: What kind of magic is used to find water?

During your gameplay Reload Persona 3, having some questions your teacher asks you is a good way to prepare you for the exam. A question arises about the form of magic used to find the source of water.

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You have three choices and only one correct answer. Teachers give suggestions during lectures before students ask questions, making it difficult to determine the correct choice. Luckily, we can help narrow it down for you. Here’s what you need to know about what kind of magic is used to find the source of water Reload Persona 3.

How to answer what type of magic is used to find clear water Reload Persona 3

Natural magic finds answers about water in Persona 3 ReloadYou must choose one of three answers to this question. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The correct answer to this question is Dowsing IN Reload Persona 3. It’s the top choice when you choose from the three available options, and it will increase your character’s Seductive Social Skill once you give the correct answer.

Mr. Edogawa is the one who asked this question and is the teacher who always brings magic into the classroom. Although his questions are unorthodox, the answers have a history of how humans originally viewed the world. But many theories, such as dowsing, have been debunked as legitimate methods for finding wateralthough that is the correct answer in Reload Persona 3. Dowsing is sometimes also called divination, but this is not the correct answer.

A person who practices dowsing, called a dowser, attempts to locate underground water by using a large Y-shaped rod to test water and other land resources on earth. Thankfully, no additional information appears in Reload Persona 3and you don’t need to think about this for any upcoming exams over the summer. There are other questions you want to make sure to keep in mind, especially when you receive them almost July.

If you don’t answer this question correctly then nothing negative will happen to you, but it is a missed opportunity to increase your Attractiveness. While you won’t receive many Charm Points for answering this question, this is a free opportunity to improve this skill without requiring money or time spent in after-school activities. Make the most of these opportunities as often as possible as many characters and events won’t unlock until you reach a certain level of Charm, such as the Gourmet King or Yukari Takeba.