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Persona 3 Reload: What item does every samurai need?

During his time studying at Reload Persona 3, the teacher intends to throw difficult questions your way and expect you to answer. One of these questions was from Mr. Ono, who asked what items each samurai needed.

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That’s a challenging question to answer. There were a number of tools and items that samurai used throughout the years, and they adapted themselves based on how they could best protect those around them. Thankfully, the answer is much clearer than you might expect. Here’s what you need to know about how to answer the item every samurai needs in Reload Persona 3.

The answer to the item every samurai needs Reload Persona 3

The item every samurai needs in Persona 3 ReloadYou must choose from three answers in class. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The question Mr. Ono asked his classmates was: “Now, what do you think that item is? That’s what every samurai needs!” This is a difficult question because he’s not directly thinking about what he’s saying in this particular speech bubble, but The correct answer is katana IN Reload Persona 3.

Mr. Ono talks about the man who first invented the katana and made it part of samurai tradition in this series of classes in Reload Persona 3. The person Mr. Ono is talking about is Taira no Masakado, also known as the first samurai. Although samurai were expert warriors proficient in various weapons, such as yari and bows and arrows, they were famous for carrying katanas with them wherever they went. While it is notable that samurai wore armor, they also had a katana on their belt; At least, that’s the kind of image I have in my head if someone says the word “samurai” to me.

Taira no Masakado designed the prototype for the katana, and yes, this is a similar prototype questions you can expect to see on your final exam. You want to make sure to remember that name, otherwise you might miss out on your chance to become class president. You should be fine as long as you combine the term “samurai” with the name Taira no Masakado and memorize it for the test.

Your character receives one point in Charms after you answer this question correctly in class. Even though the exact question did not appear on your final exam in Reload Persona 3the Which name is Taira no Masakado?and the quiz asks you who invented the prototype of the katana, the tool that all samurai in history knew to carry with them.