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Persona 3 Reload: What are the bubbles in the whirlpool bath that make your body vibrate called?

Mr. Takenozuka has a strange and difficult question for everyone in physics class on June 25 (June 25), Reload Persona 3. For some reason, he asks Junpei the correct term for something that happens in a whirlpool bath and Junpei asks for your help.

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Unfortunately, I don’t remember the context in which Mr. Takenozuka asked this question, but I remember Googling it and finding nothing. However I got the right answer. But it was a bit of luck.

What is it called when the bubbles in a whirlpool bath hit you and make your body vibrate?

Talk about the bathtub during physics classThe only bathtub phenomenon I know of is called “Up Periscope!” Screenshot of Dot Esports

First of all, I don’t think I’ve ever experienced this phenomenon firsthand. I’ve made my own bubbles in a regular bath many times, and that can cause the bathtub to vibrate quite strongly. But I think it was my body making the tub vibrate, not the other way around.

Perhaps three possible answers will give some clues:

  • Anchor effect.
  • Shaking effect.
  • Bubble phenomenon.

So I Googled all three of these answers and none of them were commonly used terms in the luxury bathroom accessories industry. However, “vibration effect” appears a lot in articles and videos about electronic music and machines, especially airplanes. It seems like it has something to do with things vibrating when air hits them, so that’s what I’m guessing.

My Takenozuka is disappointed because you know somethingIt seemed like Mr. Takenozuka was hoping he wouldn’t know. Screenshot of Dot Esports

And it was right. The shaking effect is called when the air bubbles in the whirlpool bath touch you and make your body vibrate, so the answer is “The shaking effect”. Why Mr. Takenozuka used a whirlpool bath and a vibrating body as an example and not something more reasonable, such as a vibrator, remains a bit of a mystery. If you ask me, he chose that setting because Mr. Takenozuka liked a lot of things in it Reload Persona 3a bit more scary

My school has such a teacher; Grandfather. [redacted]. He was [redacted] teacher, and he often walks around with a big one [redacted] in his hand.

Anyway, there are no questions about bathtubs or shaking effects in the final exam, so you can forget all about this topic as soon as you answer correctly and get Charm points. And better yet, you can forget all about Mr. [redacted]. I wish I can.