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Persona 3 Reload: Tome of Atrophy and Deviant Convict Weaknesses

Tome of Atrophy and Deviant Convict is a dual action Tartarus boss in Reload Persona 3. You will meet them on the 90th floor (90F), located in the Yabbashah block. Now all you need to know is what their weaknesses are—if they have any at all.

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I found this to be the most difficult fight in the game so far and the Deviant Convict proved to be the first Reload Persona 3 The enemy killed me. More than once, in fact. But here there is an effective strategy to apply and for once it is not about exploiting weakness.

What are the weaknesses of the floor 90 boss, Tome of Atrophy and Deviant Convict?

The shrinking book is burningThe Tome of Atrophy is a book and books will be burned. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The The book is Weak to fire damage and Resistance to electrical damage, which is something to know. But Tome of Atrophy is not the main threat here. The Deviant Convict is the only one of these two enemies that actually does any damage, but it has much. Unfortunately, The convicted deviant has no weaknesses, so you can’t defeat it easily. It also has no resistance or immunity. But dealing damage is not the key here. The trick is to survive a devastating attack.

How to defeat the floor 90 boss, Tome of Atrophy and Deviant Convict, in Person 3 Reload

Oni statistics screenOni can not only counter Deviant Convict’s attacks, but also has a chance to take it down with Assault Dive. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The first thing I will say is that your party loading can be really important here. After losing a few times, I chose Junpei, MitsuruAnd Aigis. Junpei’s Fire damage can take down Tome of Atrophy. Mitsuru’s ice attacks can sometimes freeze one of the enemies, allowing you to easily land a critical hit. And the most important member of the group is Aigis, whose Dekunda skill will allow you to neutralize Tome of Atrophy debuffs.

For your Leader’s Persona, buying or combining any Persona that can deal Fire damage would be good, as well as any Persona that is resistant to Strike damage. You definitely don’t want a weakling to take Strike damage. You will quickly die.

Aigis disables debuffsIt’s no coincidence that you encounter this boss right after Aigis joins the party. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Start the fight by destroying the Tome of Atrophy as quickly as possible, use Fire and anything other than Electric attacks. Whenever it performs debuffs on your group, use Aigis’s Dekunda to disable them. Don’t worry, you can still deal enough damage to the other three. Once the Tome of Atrophy is dead, switch to your attack-resistant Persona if available.

The convicted deviant has been fully chargedIt’s time to protect or die, guys! Screenshot of Dot Esports

Next, the most important part. Keep your eyes peeled for what the Deviant Convict is doing. It’s using its turn to buff itself and perform a really powerful Herculean Blow attack, so see the following message at the top left of the screen:

  • Deviant Convict’s power is fully charged!

Once you see that message, what really matters is you Protect each member of the group. Any character without a Guardian will not be able to survive the Herculean Strike. But if every character is a Guardian, they will have around 25% to 50% HP.

After the Herculean hit, the Deviant Convict will be exhausted and will do nothing for a few turns, which should be enough time to kill it before it launches another attack. I don’t even bother healing until after the fight, just to make sure I finish it as quickly as possible.