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Persona 3 Reload: The Supreme Hand’s Weakness

The higher you climb Reload Persona 3 Tartarus Dungeon, the rarer the enemies you encounter. The Supreme Hand is one such enemy.

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These Rare Shadows are different from other creatures that spawn around Tartarus. First, in the underworld of Tartarus, they appear as golden hands and run away from you if you get close to them. It’s best to chase and hit them to start the battle before they run away.

Following the appearance of the Precious Hand, the Supreme Hand is the next rare Shadow to appear in Tartarus, but unlike the other three hands before it, its weakness is a bit more annoying.

What is Supreme Hand’s weakness? Reload Persona 3?

There are no Persona 3 Reload weaknessesThere aren’t many weaknesses. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Supreme hand in Reload Persona 3 Have There are no weaknesses and are Immune to all types of elemental attacks.

The Supreme Hand is a rare enemy that spawns from Floor 77 (77F) to the end of floor 117 (117F) and gives a large amount of EXP and items that you can sell for a high price. Its dropped items are also required for certain quests that Elizabeth requests later in the story.

Since the Supreme Hand has no weaknesses, the only way to defeat it is to focus on dealing Slashing, Hitting, or Piercing physical damage. Just like other rare Balls, it will run away if you don’t take it down quickly, so remember to focus on it above all else in case it appears with other enemy allies.