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Persona 3 Reload: Tank-Form Shadow Weakness

Tank-Form Shadow is a unique boss you encounter in the main story of Reload Persona 3. While you initially fight this boss as a single entity, it’s quickly revealed that there are two shadows inside the body and they have different strengths and weaknesses.

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It’s important to keep track of how these two shadows work and how best to defeat them during your play. Thankfully, it has certain attack patterns that it’s more vulnerable to at different times, and you can keep an eye on that throughout the encounter with your allies. Here’s what you need to know about all the Tank-Form Shadow weaknesses in Reload Persona 3.

What is the weakness of Tank-Form Shadow? Reload Persona 3?

How to beat Tank-Form Shadow in Persona 3 ReloadedWhen the Tank-Form Shadow is a single unit, it is resistant to all types of attacks. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Tank-Form Shadow does not have any specific weaknesses IN Reload Persona 3. However, this won’t make it an impossible battle; it only has Resistance against attack types and does not block or negate any damage.

When Tank-Form Shadow is in a body, it is resistant to all types of damage. However, when separated, it became Chariot and Justice. The horse-drawn carriage can barely stand it Physical attackwhile Justice is resistant to magical attacks, which means you need to tell certain characters to focus their specific attacks on each target, depending on their strengths. For example, Junpei and Akihiko are great for their Physical attacks, and you can optimize your character and Yukari to use their Persona attacks. For example, you can’t optimize weaknesses like you can against Priceless Hand.

The best you can do is unleash a Theology attack against Tank-Form Shadow when two people have become one to disconnect them from each other in this battle. You also want Please make sure you keep their health relatively close to each other. If one of the shadows falls while the other rises, the shadow that remains standing will heal and revive the fallen one. These two work together quite well, forcing your team to defeat them at relatively close range.

I struggled a bit to take down these two Shadows at the same time. One way I can do that is by Have my character use Theology to hit both of them, causing both of them to go down simultaneously. If you want, Akihiko is another good character that can damage multiple Shadows at once with their Theology. Again, neither of them are weak to any particular damage type, so you may want to use Persona attacks to lower their defense and attack stats, making it harder for them to group attack yours more in this encounter.

After you complete this encounter, it will progress the main story Reload Persona 3. All players can look forward to fighting this boss as a major milestone in the story, so prepare for a fight.