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Persona 3 Reload: Tanaka Devil (Man in Suit) Social Links Guide

The social links you unlock in Reload Persona 3 gives you a unique opportunity to meet some of the notable characters appearing in the story and create strong relationships with them. One of them is Chairman Tanaka, also known as the man in the suit when you first meet him.

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Unlike other Social Links you have on your journey, finding this character can be difficult. Not only does he appear on specific days throughout the story, you also have to try hard for him to appear and it’s easy to miss him if you need to know what to look for during your playthrough . Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock Tanaka and maximize his Social Links in Reload Persona 3.

Should you give money for the amount in the lawsuit in Reload Persona 3? How to unlock Tanaka Social Link

Meet the man in a suit in Persona 3 ReloadYou can find the man wearing a suit at Paulownia Mall in the evening. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can meet Tanaka in Paulownia Mall on Tuesdays and Saturdays evening, and he initially appears next to the fountain in the center. You first meet him as the man in the suit and he offers you a great opportunity if you choose to invest with himthis is required for this Social Link in Reload Persona 3.

You need to make sure you give the man in the suit the money he requested to develop Tanaka’s Social Link. He requested three separate coin exchanges, as long as your Charms are at least level four. First is 20,000and the next two numbers are 10,000. You can only find the man in a suit on Tuesdays and Saturdays, making it difficult to track him down. Even more troublesome is getting him to appear, which requires you to be level four with Maya, the Hermit Society Link.

Why doesn’t Tanaka appear in the Reload Persona 3?

If you need help getting Tanaka to appear as the man in a suit at Paulownia Mall, make sure you have Maya is in fourth place. He won’t appear at the fountain until she reaches this point, which can be a challenge. That means you have to give Maya the best feedback in your reactions to her and have a Hermit Persona with you when that happens. Didn’t get rank four with Maya, Tanaka will never appearand you may miss this Social Link or receive it too late in the process Reload Persona 3 how to play.

All Tanaka Social Link answers in Reload Persona 3

When you talk to Tanaka in his Social Links, you can choose a range of responses. I’ll highlight the best options you should choose for each response, giving you the best chance of achieving a top 10 ranking for his Social Links in Reload Persona 3. I also recommend making sure you have one Persona is associated with the Devil Arcana to maximize these interactions.

In rank one

  • “Placebo”! The stress falls on the middle syllable.
    • “Placebo.”
  • These are just a part of our unique product line!
    • Any option

In second class

  • Nowadays, even an elementary school student knows how to buy stocks online. How about you? Interested in stock trading?
    • “Maybe a little.”

In third place

  • Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see through people’s bathing suits on the beach?
    • “Absolutely yes!”

In fourth place

  • Ugh, I can’t concentrate. I was so excited when I pictured his face.
    • “Whose face?”
  • After that… he stopped coming to work.
    • Any option.
  • It just makes me sick to think about the net losses…
    • “It’s all about money.”

In fifth place

  • Just the other day my high school held a class reunion.
    • “Sounds like fun.”

In sixth place

  • Good? Have you noticed anything different about me?
    • “Something like that.”
  • Which do you think supermarkets would prefer to stock?
    • “The organic one.”

In seventh place

  • “Thank you,” he said.
    • “Why did he say that?”

In eighth place

  • But no matter how attractive she was, I was drawn to her dedication to charity work.
    • “Are you going to donate?”

In ninth place

There were no options in the ninth in the last encounter with Tanaka in Reload Persona 3.