Blog - February 6, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: Priestess Weakness

Priestess is the first major boss you encounter in Reload Persona 3 and is a real test of everything you’ve learned throughout the opening levels of Tartarus.

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The boss fight begins May 9th in Dark Hour, but unlike the usual Shadows you encounter in Tartarus, this one takes place on a rail. To make matters worse, the game implements a 30-minute timer that ticks as you progress through battle. Priestess also has a move that quickly cuts off 30 minutes after losing a large portion of her health bar, so speed is important to get through this boss fight.

So knowing its weakness is important to dealing enough damage to take it down. Well, it would be if it had one.

What is the weakness of the Priestess boss? Reload Persona 3?

Reload Priestess Boss Fight Persona 3Do not have. Screenshot of Dot Esports

The priestess does There are no weaknesses IN Reload Persona 3. It is also Immune to ice system elemental attacks, so make sure the main character doesn’t use an Ice attack against it.

On the other hand, the Priestess without any other resistors in addition to ice damage. So your main strategy here is Power up your party as high as possible in Tartarus before 5/9 so your attacks will overpower her. You need to make sure you complete this level before May 9.

If you’re low level, make sure to stock up on SP items so you can use some of your strongest Persona-based attacks and prepare for a tough fight.

What is Despair Tiara’s weakness? Reload Persona 3?

After a while, two desperate Tiara appeared to fight alongside Priestess. These enemies are Weak to Wind-based attacks, so someone like Yukari is key to taking them down. They are more annoying than a threat.