Blog - February 7, 2024

Persona 3 Reload: Platinum Dice Weakness

An optional boss in Reload Persona 3 is Platinum Dice, which is a bit annoying to play against.

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You encounter it by typing Monad door on the 117th floor (117F) and must pass through it to get to some of the hidden treasures deeper in the True Path. This is a static encounter, but you can choose not to fight if you just want to quickly get through the game’s main story.

However, if you’re going to fight Platinum Dice to find out what it’s protecting, knowing its weakness is an important step in overcoming it—well, if it has one, that’s it.

What are Platinum Dice’s weaknesses? Reload Persona 3?

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Platinum dice There are no weaknesses IN Reload Persona 3and is a very difficult opponent to fight.

It’s completely Immune to physical damage from attacks, along with the elements of Electricity, Darkness and Light move. That means the only moves that can damage it are Fire, Ice, and Wind elemental attacks and the other two physical damage types.

This makes party members happy Akihiko and Koromaru haven’t started yet for this fight, as most of their attacks won’t be useful against Platinum Dice. Instead, try throwing an inclusive party Yukari, Mitsuri and Aigis to have a team that can damage it.

Making sure the main character is equipped with various high-level Personas that can also deal accurate damage will make the fight much easier.