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Persona 3 Reload: Old Couple Hierophant Social Link Guide

Social links in Reload Persona 3 are tedious opportunities to meet a number of unique characters throughout your playthrough. The Hierophant Social Link is linked to the Old Couple who own the bookstore at the Iwatodai Strip Mall, and they are an optional Social Link that you must unlock.

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You must try to interact with these two at their bookstore throughout the week. Even though their schedules are relatively open, making time for them can be difficult, and you want to say the right things to maximize your relationship with them.

Here’s what you need to know about how to unlock and maximize the Old Couple Social Link in Reload Persona 3.

How to unlock Old Couple Social Link in Reload Persona 3

All the answers about the old couple's social link in Persona 3 ReloadedYou must spend time with the Old Couple to increase their Social Links. Screenshot of Dot Esports

You can meet the Old Couple at Iwatodai Strip Shopping Center every day after school, except Monday. When you enter the Bookworms bookstore, they will introduce themselves and ask you to bring them a tree that you can find at your school. Reload Persona 3.

It’s called the Pink Tree, and you can find it on the left side of the hallway between the first floor and the gym. After talking to the old couple, approach the tree to interact with it and bring them a leaf. Completing this quest will initiate your first interaction with these two, unlocking their Social Link for the rest of you. Reload Persona 3 how to play. These interactions are similar to other Social Links, such as Kenji and Chihiro.

All answers about Old Couple Social Link in Reload Persona 3

You can choose from many answers whenever you spend time with the Old Couple in Reload Persona 3but here we highlight the best options for you to choose from to maximize the time you spend with them to achieve a top 10 ranking.

In rank one

  • What is your name again?
    • “Character’s name”
  • Someone gave it to me, but I have more than enough. Go ahead and get it.
    • “Thank”

In second class

  • I don’t see it anywhere…
    • “What are you looking for?”
  • I’m looking for my glasses – Eh, not my glasses, but my wallet! I can’t seem to find it.
    • “Can I help?”
  • I am also one of them! I am a student at Gekkoukan.
    • Any option.
  • On the way home from work, he had an accident. He was hit by a dump truck driver who was drunk at work.
    • Any option.

In third place

  • My wife just went to Gekkoukan.
    • “I should go too.”
  • Do you know anything about this?
    • “IM worry.”

In fourth place

  • We feel a bit sorry for bothering you about the Pink tree.
    • “I’m not worried about that.”
  • Why now? Why do they want to cut it now?
    • Any option.

In fifth place

  • If we lose that tree, it will be like losing our child again.
    • “Please don’t fight.”
  • Unfortunately, that only reminded my loved one of the pain we felt the day our son died.
    • Any option.

In sixth place

  • Ah.
    • “What happened?”
  • They said the tree was a memorial to their old teacher. They don’t want it cut.
    • “Great.”
  • Surely you were the one who called them to do this, right?
    • Any option.

In seventh place

  • Who do you think it is? Here’s a hint: “signature”
    • “Claimant?”
  • He collected several signatures from students in our son’s class.
    • Any option.
  • I have to tell my son the good news!
    • “Sure, let’s go.”

In eighth place

  • What, so surprising? I’m actually a pretty good internet surfer, you know!
    • Any option.
  • Are you curious about the letter? Excited, perhaps? Even excited?
    • Any option.

In ninth place

  • Bunkichi-san is talking in his sleep. Looks like he’s taking a nap.
    • Any option.
  • It’s the middle of the day but I feel terribly sleepy.
    • Any option
  • We asked them to cut down the persimmon tree.
    • “But why?”