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Persona 3 Reload: Maya Hermit Social Link Guide

Reload Persona 3 Social Linking is difficult at the worst of times, but Maya’s Hermit Social Linking has to be one of the worst. You can only make progress on certain days and it’s quite slow compared to other Social Links but you need to do it if you want to maximize it all.

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How to develop Maya’s Social Links in Reload Persona 3

Persona 3 Reload: Maya Hermit Social Link GuideThe beginning of it all. Screenshot of Dot Esports

Linking the First Maya Hermit Society Unlocks April 29. It’s a school holiday and you show up right next to your room. The calculator has a small card icon above it.

IN Persona 3: ReloadedYou can play online games on school holidays or Sundays. This means you are very limited when it comes to growing Hermit Social Links, because of it will not be available every dayand it appears less frequently than other Social Links.

Every Sunday morning, I focused on Maya’s Social Link because it was so sluggish. You should also have Hermit Persona in your party to increase the Social Link EXP you receive to max it out.

Which answer should I choose in Maya Reload Persona 3 Social connection?

Ranked two

Of course.

Sunshine is overrated.

Ranked three

Oh really? o_O

Don’t like your job?

Ranked four

So let’s plan our wedding.

Ranked five

Who is Mr. E?

A drunken master?

Ranked six

Who the fuck?

Ranked seven

Oh yes.

She, um… what?

Ranked eight

Hurry up and tell me.

What is his personality like?

Ninth place

No way!

I think so.

What are you planning?

Rated 10

Oh, don’t worry.

That’s why you’re sorry?

I will miss you.